Own Some History With British Militaria Swords From 1784 to 1860

The British military produced several kinds of swords for officers and foot soldiers for use in various conflicts leading up to 1860. If you are a fan of history or enjoy vintage military edged weapons, you can check out the fine selection of affordable British swords for sale on eBay. Familiarizing yourself with some of the common types of antique British swords and their features can help you choose the right ones for your collection.

Types of British antique saber designs you can get

You can search through eBay listings to find the styles of blades or handles that appeal to you. Here are some of the main kinds of British swords for sale that you will come across:

  • Officer - An officer's sword is usually partly a ceremonial mark of rank and partly an edged weapon. Items like a Gothic British officer's sword will generally feature a long, narrow blade and a decorative basket hilt.
  • Cavalry - You can find cavalry swords for sale on eBay, and these edged weapons usually feature sweeping blades that curve as they reach the point. The cavalry sword was meant to be a long weapon that allowed a soldier to engage an enemy effectively while on horseback.
  • Spadroon - If you want to find an edged weapon that is meant to be a hybrid of a small tool for thrusting and a large one for slicing, you can look for a spadroon for sale.
Finding common features of British militaria swords

You can look through the selection on eBay to find vintage British swords for sale that have some of the design features you find appealing. Many of these elements relate to how the handles or scales of the antique sword are meant to work with the blade. If you want to collect antique British swords with different designs, you can choose handles that have both cross guards and guards for the hand. Cross guards like the ones you'll find on Bandsmen or Mameluke British swords are meant to protect the hand from a downward slash attack. Guards that go over the whole hand like those used on naval cutlasses might offer protection from swinging or thrust attacks.

Can you get accessories with your antique British swords?

Yes, some of the British swords for sale that you find on eBay come with accessories that you can use to enhance your display of edged weapons. In most cases, you will find vintage preowned swords that include their own matching scabbards. Scabbards for antique swords may have different components from one model to the next, and many of these items feature decorations done in the same styles as the weapons they come with.