Collect the Right British Indian Coins

You decided a British Indian coin would be a great way to expand your coin collection, but you are not quite sure how to find the right one. You will want to consider the following key points before selecting the first coins of British India that stand out to you on eBay.

What differences exist between coin certification types?

Whether you are a novice or experienced coin collector, you are likely aware of the different coin certifications and how they impact the meaning and value of the reasonably priced British Indian coin you have your eye on. Below is a list of five different coin certification types you will want to consider before moving forward with a purchase:

  • ANACS: This stands for American Numismatic Association Certification Service. This was the first established coin grading company.
  • NGC: This stands from Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. This is an international, privately-owned coin certifying organization based in Florida.
  • CAC: This stands for Certified Acceptance Corporation. This company is newer; it was established in 2007 by John Albanese, a dealer of coins.
  • PCGS: This stands for Professional Coin Grading Service. This company was established in 1985 and, in addition to coin grading, authenticates, attributes, and encapsulates coins.
  • ICG: This stands for Independent Coin Graders. This coin grading organization differentiates itself by remaining independent and third-party.
Understanding the difference between circulated and uncirculated coins

Another factor that will influence your decision is whether or not the new or used British Indian coin is circulation or uncirculated. An uncirculated coin will look newer, exhibiting less wear. This is because uncirculated coins have not been used by the general public for purchases. Conversely, a circulated coin will likely exhibit more wear as it will have been passed around by the public. You may appreciate the rich background of a circulated coin or you may prefer the new look of an uncirculated piece.

Some special features to look for in British India coins

Both grade and composition are two special features you will want to consider when deciding which British Indian coin is right for you. There are over 40 coin grades associated with British Indian coins. Several of these are PR 68, PR 67, PR 66, PR 65, PR 64, PR 63, PR 62, MS 67, MS 66, MS 65, MS 64, MS 63, MS 62, MS 61, MS 60, and AU 58. Over 20 coin compositions are associated with British Indian coins. Some of these are aluminum, aluminum-bronze, bi-metallic, brass, brass-plated steel, bronze, cast copper, copper, copper-nickel, copper-nickel clad copper, and gold.

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