About Bridal Jewely

Indian bridal jewelry is very important to Indian brides, and many people believe the bride looks incomplete without it. The ornate gold, silver, and platinum jewelry symbolizes power, femininity, and wealth. Many pieces are embellished with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, jade, garnets, emeralds, amethysts, and pearls. Styles vary with the region of the country, and there are many different traditional items. The bride usually wears a maang tika, a chain with a stone, on the forehead. In some areas, a maang tika is an ornate crown. A nath is a nose ring that attaches to an earring with a thin chain, and a payal is an anklet. Matching sets of jewelry are very popular. The mother-in-law gives gold bangles, and the bride wears glass bangles that match the wedding dress. Many brides wear an armband or armlet on one arm. In many regions, the groom ties the mangal sutra around the bride's neck. It is a special necklace with black beads and a gold or diamond pendant. You can browse through the inventories of the reliable sellers on eBay to find a wide selection of beautiful, valuable Indian bridal jewelry.