Breyer Traditional Model Horses

Breyer Traditional Model Horses

Breyer Traditional series models capture the mystique of one of natures most majestic creatures and offers detailed portrayals of horses for Breyer collectors and equine enthusiasts of all ages.

How large are Breyer traditional horses?

Breyer Traditional series horses are available in a 1:9 scale. Most models are approximately 12 inches long and 9 inches high, but this may differ depending on the position of the horse and the breed depicted. For example, a rearing horse would be taller than a standing horse, and a Chincoteague pony or mustang would appear smaller than a Clydesdale.

What are Breyer traditional horses made of?

Most Breyer traditional horses are made from a combination of plastic and resin. The molds used to cast the horses are derived from hand-carved statuary, and each model is hand painted. Occasionally, special-edition Breyer horses are available in resin, porcelain, vinyl, or other materials. Gift sets often contain accessories made of cloth, plastic, or metal.

How do Breyer traditional horses differ from other Breyer horses?

Traditional horses are the largest of the Breyer models. Breyer Classics are 1:12 scale, typically 9 inches long and 6 inches tall. Paddock Pals Breyer horses, or Little Bits, are 1:24 scale. Stablemates Breyer horses are 1:32 scale, measuring approximately 4 inches long and 3 inches tall. Mini-Whinnies Breyer horses are 1:64 scale and typically less than 1 inch in height. Smaller horses, such as those in the CollectA collection, may incorporate different materials from traditional scale horses.

Are play accessories available for Traditional Breyer Horses?

Lifelike equestrian accessories are available to fit Breyer Traditional horses and are often available in gift sets. These include:

  • Saddles, saddle pads, and saddle blankets for traditional Breyer horses
  • Bridles, halters, brushes, and feeding buckets for traditional Breyer horses
  • Non-horse animal companions, such as cattle, dogs, donkeys, and more
  • Jumps, gates, trucks, and other scenery for traditional Breyer horses
  • Toys dressed in attire appropriate for a western rider, dressage rider, or other rider, and sized to fit traditional Breyer horses
How should you clean and care for Breyer horses?

Breyer horses should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Use a damp cloth if necessary. If your horse hasnt been cleaned in a long time, you can use a gentle soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush to freshen it up. Store your horses away from direct sunlight to keep them looking great for years to come.

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