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Bring on the Brass

Brass musical instruments are classified as such by the way the instruments create sound, which is through the vibration of the player’s lips. While most brass instruments are made of brass—for instance the trombone, tuba and French horn—some are made of wood or other materials. Trumpets can produce sounds that are sharp and crisp, while French Horns and euphoniums are known for sounding more rounded and mellow. If you’re looking for new or used brass instruments for sale, eBay is your personal brass shop online.

Valved Instruments

Valves on brass instruments alter the length of the brass tubing used to create the pitch. Examples of valved brass band instruments include Besson, Schiller or Miraphone tubas; Yamaha, King or Bach trumpets; Olds or Conn cornets; and a variety of other instruments like flugelhorns and lacquered alto horns. Brass valves can get sticky if they dry out, and regular lubrication is key to staying out of the repair shop. The mouthpiece of your brass instrument, whether it is a trumpet mouthpiece, tuba mouthpiece or any other, should be properly cleaned after use.

Why Don’t You Slide

Where valve instruments use valves to change the length of the tubing, slide brass instruments use slides to change the length of the tubing to create notes that aren’t in the instrument’s natural harmonic series. The most popular slide brass instrument is the trombone. Like all brass instruments, if you’re shopping for a vintage trombone, like an older Conn, Cleveland or King trombone, it can fetch a commanding price, especially if it is in mint condition with the original trombone case.

Specialty Horns

There are several types of specialty brass instruments. A Sousaphone is a tuba that has been modified for marching bands. Other brass instruments that are available in a marching option include French horn, mellophone and baritone horn. Natural brass instruments, like the bugle, only play notes that naturally occur in the instrument’s harmonics, and are rarely played today outside of historical reenactments.

All the Brass Instruments, and More

When you’re looking for brass for sale—whether you’re browsing Bach trumpets, Holton French horns, Yamaha baritone horns, Besson euphoniums, Gold Flugelhorns, or any other brass instruments online—look to eBay for the best selection and deals. And don’t forget, you’ll find everything else you need like valve oil, polish and trumpet brass instrument parts and accessories.

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