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Brass Instrument Parts and Accessories Help Make Beautiful Music

Like everything else living and not, brass instruments get old, break, and need replacement parts. They also need to be cleaned, supported, and safely carried from place to place. The good news is that replacement parts and accessories are readily available on eBay.

What sorts of mouthpieces are available?

Since they get quite a workout, mouthpieces for brass instruments are replaced fairly regularly. Different brass instruments have different mouthpieces. Mouthpieces can be made of brass like the rest of the instrument, but there are also mouthpieces that are silver-plated, gold-plated, or silver. Mouthpieces for the trumpet and trombone are described here:

  • The trumpet - The mouthpiece for the trumpet is more slender than that used for the trombone, and its bore, which is the air chamber, widens slightly from the front to the end.
  • The trombone - The mouthpiece for the trombone is bigger at the front, or cup, and the bore is very wide at the beginning, or the throat. It narrows in the middle then widens near the end, much like an hourglass. This widening part of the mouthpiece is called the backbore. The shape and size of the cup, throat, and backbore have a great effect on the sound of the instrument.

There are also mouthpieces for tubas, flugelhorns, cornets, sousaphones, and euphoniums on eBay.

What other parts are there?

Other replacement parts are valve stems and the finger buttons that fit on top of them. Some are made of sumptuous materials such as mother-of-pearl. Valves help the trumpet make music because when they are depressed, the air is shunted into a side tube in the instrument. This lets the air column grow longer and lowers the pitch by a variety of tones depending on which valve key is pressed.

You can have backbores in different sizes as well as replacement valve springs, valve guides, O-rings, top cap felts, different types of water key corks and springs, mouthpiece pullers, and slide rubber bumpers.

There are also accessories for brass instruments.

Accessories found on eBay include mutes, which are objects shaped like cones, cups, or even toilet bowl plungers. They are made out of many materials, including wood, metal, polystyrene, or rubber. Mutes are fitted into the bell of a brass instrument to lower its volume or make it produce unusual sounds. They are especially popular with trumpet players who play in jazz bands. Other accessories are bags large enough to carry even somewhat unwieldy brass instruments such as the tubas or the trombone. They are lined to protect the more delicate components of the instrument. Sturdy stands hold your instruments when they're not in use. Other needful items are pouches for different mouthpieces.

Valve oil is another accessory that keeps the valves of a trumpet or other valved instrument lubricated and easy to work. You can also have oil for keys and trombone slides. A cleaning kit is a must to keep your trumpet or other brass instruments in good shape. They include valve oil, polishing cloth, a snake, brushes for the mouthpiece, and the valves and tuning slide grease.