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Scion tC Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

The Scion tC coupe's four-wheel anti-lock disc brake system was designed to provide maximum safety and stopping ability for both the city and open road. This system works with both automatic and manual transmissions. Keeping the front and rear brakes and pads in good working order increases the safety of the Scion for you and your passengers.

What are the parts of the Scion tC brake system?

Disc brakes on the Scion are highly functional. They are not likely to grab or pull, are not affected by water, and are self-adjusting. The disc brake system contains the following parts:

  • Brake pads: The brake pads are installed on the caliper and are on either side of the rotor.
  • Rotor: The disc, or rotor, is attached to the wheel. When the brake is applied, the brake pads put pressure on the rotor to slow and stop the wheel.
  • Caliper and support: The caliper, through hydraulics, allows the pads to put stopping pressure on the rotor.
What are the characteristics of a smooth rotor?

Smooth front and rear brake rotors provide a large amount of surface area for the braking process. They work well for stopping the vehicle during normal conditions. They maintain strength and are not likely to crack with extreme use.

What are the characteristics of a drilled rotor?

Rotors on disc brakes can have holes drilled in a pattern to maintain the integrity of the iron while providing necessary safety features. The drilled rotor provides a mechanism to remove braking hazards from the system quickly and efficiently. These hazards include heat from the braking process and water during rain or when driving through puddles.

What are the characteristics of slotted rotors for the tC?

Slotted rotors have grooves drilled into the rotor to allow the water and heat to dissipate in the braking process. They are used in performance and sport driving where hard and frequent stopping is required. Slotted rotors are quite durable but can require frequent changing of the brake pads.

What are the signs you need to change your brakes?

The Scion tC disc brake system is one of the major safety systems on the vehicle. Regular maintenance checks will help keep the brakes in working order. There are times when brake issues are identified between servicing. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Unusual noises coming from your car such as squealing or grinding.
  • Brake warning lights or anti-lock braking system warning light comes on.
  • Car pulling to one side or other during braking.
  • Vibration in the steering or brake pedal while braking.
  • The tC brake pedal becomes hard to press.