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Ford F-150 Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

Ford's F-series trucks have a long history dating back to 1948, including light-duty trucks like the F-150 as well as larger, heavier models. Ford F-150 owners can select and install heavy-duty and performance brakes and rotors or replace standard brakes and braking system parts. Find a variety of brake parts, including discs and rotors, for Ford F-150 pickups from 1975 onward.

What brake kits are available for the Ford F-150?

Front and rear brake rotor and pad sets are available for all years of Ford F-series trucks, including the 150. Select metallic or ceramic pads and drilled and slotted or plain rotors and bearings. Purchase sets in pairs for the front or rear brake assemblies of your truck. Kits should include rotors, bearings, and pads.

What are performance brake kits for Ford trucks?

Performance brake kits can add stopping power to the F-150 and Raptor, especially if the truck is used for hauling or towing or is used in off-road high-performance situations. Rotors in performance kits may be drilled or slotted. Ceramic pads and added calipers can modify brake kits for performance use. Drum to disc brake conversion kits can also improve vehicle brake performance or add stopping power for heavy use. Cast, custom, and vaned brake sets are made for off-road, high-performance, heavy-duty, and special edition pickup trucks by a variety of aftermarket manufacturers.

What are direct replacement brake parts for Ford F-150?

Brake pads are designed to be replaced as wear occurs during normal use, and direct replacement brake pads for Ford pickup trucks can be genuine Ford brand parts, Motorcraft parts, or tested original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM, parts. Replacement brake rotors and discs will also be marked as direct replacements, not performance, add-on, remanufactured, or universal parts. Vintage or antique F-150s will have some new old stock replacement parts available.

What are drilled and slotted rotors?

Drilled and slotted rotors are performance brake parts sold as alternatives to smooth rotors. Drilled or slotted rotors reduce heat and gas from building up during repetitive, heavy braking and may also improve performance during wet weather by moving water away from wet rotors and pads. Ford F-150 owners who put heavy braking demands on their F-150 trucks may select drilled or slotted rotors and ceramic brake pads for stronger braking and stopping power.

What additional F-150 brake parts are available?

Ceramic and carbon fiber brake pads may be used as replacements for original brake pads and may reduce brake fade. Calipers are used on front and rear light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty F-150 brakes and may be purchased separately. Brake shields protect braking systems and wheels from damage from dust and grime. Clips, stops, and pin bushings may be purchased separately from brake kits or complete brake assemblies.