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Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

Your Chevrolet Silverado 2500’s brakes are one of its most critical safety components. Maintaining and repairing its brakes can mean replacing its discs, rotors, and other hardware, such as brake pads and calipers. You can find the parts that you need for any brake repair job and learn more about them here.

How do brakes work?

Automobile brakes work similarly to bicycle brakes. Each wheel has a brake assembly consisting of a disc or rotor and a brake pad held by a caliper. When you press down on the brake pedal, the calipers clamp the pads onto the rotors, which slows the wheels to a stop with friction. Automobile brakes, however, are actuated pneumatically and use a special brake fluid.

What sorts of brake rotors are available?

There are a couple of types of rotors that can be used interchangeably with your Silverado 2500.

  • Standard: These are the rotors that were originally provided with your Silverado, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These rotors are adequate for normal driving conditions.
  • High-performance: Slotted and drilled-hole rotors are two types of high-performance parts that you can use in place of the OEM rotors your truck came with. They are designed to dissipate excessive heat caused by towing heavy loads, for off-road driving, and for frequent hard stops. By quickly shedding the extra heat these driving conditions create, they can last longer than standard rotors.
What are the signs that your brakes need maintenance?

Your Chevrolet Silverado’s brakes are sure to need regular maintenance, so it’s important to know the tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to inspect them.

  • Squeaking noise: A squeaking or squealing noise coming from the brakes is a sign that the brake pads are worn down to the point that they’ll need replacing soon. You should schedule a time to inspect them when you hear this.
  • Grinding noise: A grinding noise is a red flag. This will happen if you let the brake pads wear away completely, and the calipers or other hardware begins to grind against the rotors. This is a serious situation because not only does it damage the calipers and rotors, but your brakes could fail at any time.
  • Wobbling stops: If it feels like your truck is wobbling or shimmying when you apply the brakes, it could be a sign that your rotors are worn and need replacing.
  • Lack of stopping power: Another sign that the brake pads are worn down too far is if it becomes difficult to stop the vehicle. You’ll notice you have to press down on the brake pedal further and that it takes longer to get the truck to stop.