Decorate Your Walls With Bradford Exchange Collector Plates

Bradford Exchange produced its first collector plate in 1973, and people have been collecting them ever since. You can find a wide variety of new and vintage Bradford Exchange plates on eBay. Additionally, Bradford Exchange plates often make great presents for family and friends.

Subjects portrayed on Bradford Exchange collector plates

You can find many subjects portrayed in Bradford Exchange plate series, including:

  • America - Bradford Exchange plates often have an American theme, including America's Famous Fairways, America's Favorite Classic Cars, and America's Triumph in Space.
  • Angels - More than 11 Bradford Exchange plates have angels as their theme, including An Angel's Watch, An Angel's Light, and Angelic Inspiration.
  • Animals - Many different animals have been portrayed on Bradford Exchange plates, including whitetail deer, dalmatian puppies, bunnies, and eagles.
  • People- Many people have been the subject of Bradford Exchange plates, including Alan Jackson, Dale Earnhardt, Babe Ruth, Dan Marino and Elvis.
Has Bradford Exchange made any plates featuring other companies?

Yes, Bradford Exchange has made plates with many other entities. Four plates have been made with Coca-Cola, at least eight plates have a Disney theme, and at least two feature Precious Moments dolls.

Are there any Thomas Kinkade Bradford Exchange plates?

Yes, Bradford Exchange has produced several Thomas Exchange plates, including a series of Lamplighter Village plates. This series of eight plates features a small town. Most of the plates have a snowy winter scene on them from different points around town, including a mill, a bridge, and an inn.

Native American-themed Bradford Exchange Plates

Numerous Bradford Exchange plates have a First People-theme. The company has produced a series of eight plates dealing with a Native American spiritual awakening theme and an eight-plate series featuring Native Americans as guardians of nature.

Are there any Bradford Exchange holiday plates?

Many different Bradford Exchange plates feature a Christmas theme. The company's Santa's Little Helper series of eight plates features familiar home scenes, like stuffing stockings, putting out Santa treats, and wrapping presents. B. Higgins created the paintings on these plates. Norman Rockwell's Christmas Memories is found on another plate. Another series of Christmas plates portrays the birth of Jesus, and it was limited to 95 firing days. The traditional Night Before Christmas story has also been featured on a Bradford Exchange plate. If you are looking for whimsical holiday Christmas collector plates for sale, then the four-plate Mewsic for the Holidays featuring mischievous kittens may be perfect.

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