Boys' Jeans Sizes 4 and Up

Boys' jeans in sizes 4 and up can be made of cotton denim or a cotton-and-polyester denim blend. You can find boys' jeans in shades of black, gray, and blue, and the fabric is designed to stand up to heavy-duty wear.

What are styles of boys jeans sizes 4 and up?
  • Bootcut: Bootcut jeans for boys have legs that extend below the knee that flares out by about 1 inch in width between the knee and the ankle to accommodate a pair of boots.
  • Carpenter: Carpenter-style jeans for boys have loose-fitting legs. They have extra pockets, and a side loop is attached to one side at the hip.
  • Straight and relaxed: Straight and relaxed jeans styles for boys have a 12-inch to 14-inch leg opening that maintains the same width from the thigh to the cuff.
  • Slim or skinny: Slim-fit or skinny-fit jeans for boys usually incorporate some spandex. They are tight against the thigh and lower leg and typically taper toward the ankle.
What are features of boys' size 4 and up jeans?
  • Elastic band with buttonholes: For boys' sizes 4 to 7, many pairs of jeans have an interior elastic band with buttonholes and two buttons. The band is hidden and allows for adjustment of the waist size.
  • Belt loops: Belt loops around the exterior waistline allow for a belt to be worn with the pair of boys' pants.
  • Machine washable and dryable: Denim jeans for boys can be washed in a clothes washer and dried in a clothes dryer.
How do you choose a size of jeans for boys?

To measure a boy for size 4 and up jeans, use a flexible tape measure. Get the boy's waist size, hip size, and total height in inches. It also helps to know the boy's weight. For sizes 4 to 7, jeans are sized based on the boy's height and weight. For sizes 8 and up, the pants are sized based on height, waist, and hip measurements. Size 4 corresponds to a height of 42 to 44 inches and a weight of 37 to 41 pounds. For each 2-inch increase in height and 4-pound increase in weight, choose the next size up in jeans. Boys with a waist size of 23.5 inches, hips of 27.5 inches, and height of 50 to 53 inches fit into a size 8. For each 1-inch increase in waist or hips and 4-inch increase in height, go up one size of jeans. If a child is between sizes, choose the bigger pair.