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How to Choose Bowman Box Baseball Cards

Buying Bowman baseball cards in boxes is one of collectors' favored ways to add to their collections, due in large part to the history the brand holds. The company was acquired by Topps in the early 1950's and remains a prominent imprint today. If your purpose for collecting is for investment purposes rather than as a hobby, it's wise to make sure to have your collection graded, to keep it in pristine condition, and to familiarize yourself with the aspects that determine your collection's worth.

Which Cards Are the Most Valuable?

There are a number of aspects that determine card value, including condition, rarity, and popularity of the player depicted on the card. Generally, rarer cards fetch a larger sum than those that are not as highly sought after.

  • Item Condition: The condition of your Topps memorabilia will largely determine its value. Any visible defects, such as stains, tears, or creases will likely decrease your card's worth. 
  • Rookie Cards: Rookie cards or Chrome prospects cards are generally more valuable than ones from later in a player's career. The rarity of each one helps to determine its value, with hard-to-find memorabilia often selling for more. 
  • Autographed Items: Autographed cards, especially those autographed by top MLB players from the Boston Red Sox or Chicago Cubs, are often of greater value than those without autographs. The clarity of the autograph can also affect its value, as a clear autograph is of higher value than a smudged or faded autograph is.

How Do I Care For My Box Baseball Cards?

Taking care of your Bowman cards is necessary to maintain their value, and there are many ways to accomplish this without spending a fortune in the process.

  • Handling Your Collection: Handle your cards as little as possible, and when picking them up, avoid touching their delicate corners since they can bend easily, which will lower their value. You should also always make sure that your hands are clean and avoid eating or drinking in their presence.
  • Storing Your Collection: You should always store your collection away from damaging elements, including excessive cold, heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. While some collectors prefer to store their Bowman sets in a cardboard hobby box, others choose to store their collection in plastic pages. These pages not only protect and preserve your items, but they also allow for convenient viewing.
  • Item Grading: If your memorabilia is of value, consider getting it graded by a reputable grading company, such as PSA or Beckett. These companies use strict guidelines to grade the condition of your items. Alternatively, you can purchase a price guide, which can provide insight into your collection's worth.

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