Bowling Balls

Bowling is a fun sport and hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages. Getting a bowling ball to fit your level of play can enhance your enjoyment of the game. Bowling balls come in a variety of sizes and weights to match skill, age, and size of the player.

How big of a bowling ball should you use?

Bowling balls for 10 pin bowling all measure the same diameter of 8.5 inches. The difference in ball sizes for individuals comes in the weight measurement. As a general rule, a bowling ball should weigh about one-tenth of your body weight. Take your weight measurement and divide by 10 to get this number. This measurement is a guide as players who are more experienced may use heavier balls. Players who are beginners or young may use lighter balls.

What is a reactive bowling ball?

Each bowling ball has a covering referred to as a coverstock. Different coverstocks have emerged from different manufacturers over time to adapt to different lane conditions and to improve overall performance. Many bowling balls have a urethane coverstock. Some balls are referred to as reactive resin balls. While they are still urethane in construction, they also have a resin additive that can improve performance and speed. A solid resin ball offers a high degree of friction.

How can you maintain a bowling ball?

A bowling ball can maintain performance levels for 10 years. Regular care and maintenance of your bowling ball will keep it at its peak performance through the years. Each bowling ball should be stored at room temperature when not in use. Balls should be wiped clean with a soft cloth after each game before storing the ball to remove dust, dirt, and oil. A bowling ball should also be polished on a regular schedule to keep the surface smooth and free of grit.

What are some bowling ball brands?

There are many brands of bowling balls available with different models of balls available per brand. Some bowling ball manufacturers include:

  • Brunswick
  • Columbia
  • Hammer
  • Pyramid
  • Ebonite
What are some good bowling balls for children?

When picking a bowling ball for a child, consider the child's age, weight, and overall strength. If standard sized, adult weight balls are too unwieldy for a child to manage with confidence and dexterity, consider these options that offer balls in the 6 lb. range that roll straight and smooth with little to no hooking:

  • Pyramid Path
  • Brunswick T Zone
  • Ebonite Maxim
  • Storm Mix