Bose Soundlink II Mini Speakers

Buyers Guide to Bose SoundLink II

The Bose SoundLink II series speakers are devices that have the potential to deliver enhanced audio transmitted using a wireless or Bluetooth connection. This means you can take music with you anywhere in any place that has a wireless connection or a Bluetooth link. eBay has a vast selection of new and used Bose SoundLink II speakers to choose from.

What is SoundLink technology?

Bose SoundLink II is a flagship Bose speaker technology that allows the speaker to connect to any media player device through a wireless or Bluetooth connection. The SoundLink Air system built into these units can also use AirPlay to stream audio directly through the air from any compatible Apple device to the Bose SoundLink unit.

How do you choose the right Bose SoundLink device?

Choosing the right Bose SoundLink device depends on what type of connectivity you prefer to use whether that is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or AirPlay. Almost every device accepts Bluetooth connection. Heres how connecting to the following models works:

  • SoundLink Mobile: SoundLink Mobile is designed specifically for use over Bluetooth connection, which most smartphones have. It can also be used with most wireless laptops that have Bluetooth capability. This device can store up to six different memory settings for previously connected Bluetooth devices.
  • SoundLink Air: The SoundLink Air is specifically designed to support Apples AirPlay technology over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This unit uses a wall-plug power supply and comes with a remote control to adjust settings.
  • SoundLink Color: SoundLink Color is made in a wide range of colours as suggested by the name. It is conveniently charged via micro USB and features a durable design and high-quality sound for its compact size.
  • SoundLink Mini: SoundLink Mini comes with a charging cradle, connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and has an aluminium case with protective covers. This is a lightweight and small model with a durable design.
  • SoundLink Wireless: The flagship SoundLink system, the Wireless unit has a carrying handle, wireless transmitter USB connector, and remote control. It also has Bluetooth connectivity.
What colours are available for the SoundLink Color?

The original SoundLink Color featured a range of colours, including turquoise, blue, red, white, and black. The second generation SoundLink Color featured the following colours: blue, red, black, and white.

What type of voice functions does the SoundLink Color have?

The SoundLink Color has Siri and Google functionality, which means you can issue direct commands to control your SoundLink device using either Siri or Google Voice. You can use native voice prompts with this device as well, and the device uses voice to set up initial settings. The Bose Connect App has voice capability, and Party Mode also has voice functionality.

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