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Things to Know About the Bose RC 9 Remote Control

The Bose Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets quality audio equipment for home, office, or individual use. A Bose remote control is a useful addition to most Bose audio setups and can make them much more convenient. The Bose RC remote control is designed to be compatible with a variety of the Bose equipment available on eBay.

Does this remote work with the Bose Lifestyle 12 system?

The Bose RC 9 remote works with the Lifestyle 12 system. It will also work with the Lifestyle 3, 5, or 8 systems and Bose Music Center 5. In the remote control's battery compartment, there are dip switches that must be in the correct positions.

How is the Bose RC 9 remote opened?

There are three tabs on each side of the RC 9 remote control and one tab on the front and the back. To open the remote, use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry along the opening. Be careful not to damage the tabs; the Bose RC 9 should come apart easily and should not need to be forced open. The tabs on the front and back are dead center and the tabs on the side are spaced two inches apart.

How are the Bose RC 9 house codes reset?

If your remote is sending messages to the wrong systemif there is another Lifestyle system nearby, for exampleyou can correct the problem by setting a new house code. To set a new house code, perform the following actions:

  • Locate: Find the dip switches in the battery compartment. These are necessary for opening the compartment.
  • Set: Change the position on one of the switches at position 2, 3, or 4.
  • Console: Turn the console off with the button on the console and open the CD cover. Be sure the console is off before continuing.
  • Store: Press the STORE button on the device. It will flash " - - " once it's ready.
  • Match: Press any key on the remote within two seconds to match the code and pair the devices.
How do you use your remote with additional speakers?

If you have speakers connected to both the A and B outputs on the Lifestyle 5 music system, for example, you will need a second Bose RC 9 remote control for the B speakers. To set the switches for the B speakers, make sure switch 5 is up and switch 6 is down.

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