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Choosing Bose On-Ear Headphones for Sound Quality and Comfort

Bose on-ear headphones are a good choice for listening to audio while on the go due to their superior audio quality. If you have enough room in your bag to store these Bose wireless headphones, these padded devices can keep you comfortable for listening while commuting, taking a break at a coffee shop, or working out. Some Bose models also contain passive noise cancellation to help you block out distracting sounds around you.

What are the features of Bose on-ear headphones?

Bose on-ear headphones are more portable than bulky over-the-ear devices, but they can also be comfortable. Some of their features include:

  • Sound quality: The wide speakers present in these headphones give you a deep sound experience.
  • Comfort: Due to the presence of cushy and soft padding, you can listen to music or other audio for a long time without feeling discomfort in your ear. Because these headphones are small and light, they will not get hot, and the headband applies less pressure to your head.
  • Noise cancellation: Most Bose models have some type of noise-canceling properties to block out distracting sounds in your environment.
  • Portability: Although on-ear headphones are bigger than traditional earbuds, some Bose models have foldable headbands that make it easier to fit them in your bag.
How do you connect Bose wireless headphones using Bluetooth?

To take advantage of the wireless nature of your Bose wireless headphones, follow the steps below to pair them with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless device.

  • Slide the Power button all the way up to the Bluetooth symbol on the right side of your headphones until you hear a voice say, "Ready to pair."
  • Turn Bluetooth on in the device that you are trying to connect to.
  • Select the Bose headphones on your smartphone or other device.
  • If the headphones are connected properly, you should hear a voice say, "Connected to," followed by the device that you now have a wireless connection to.
What is the difference between active and passive noise cancellation?

Active noise-canceling headphones have microphones that can pick up surrounding noise, and shut it out using a signal in the earpieces. These types of headphones need more power than traditional sets, so you may need to charge them more often. Passive noise-canceling devices are headphones that naturally block out sounds with their design. Headphones that go on the ear can achieve this by creating a strong seal between the cups and your head.

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