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Bose Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Things You Need to Know About Bose Center Channel Speakers and Subwoofers

Creating your own cinema-quality audio system in your home is not difficult, but it does require that you use the right type of speakers. Bose has been producing equipment for this use for quite some time, and with these center-channel speakers and subwoofers, you can quickly bring your dreams of a home theater to life.

How does surround sound work?

Surround sound is an important part of a home-theater setup that helps to ensure you get the real cinema experience. It works by splitting the sounds into multiple channels to fully immerse the viewer in the audio. Whereas stereo only splits music and other audio into left and right channels, an authentic surround-sound setup will utilize at least 5.1 channels. These channels are:

  • Front left
  • Front right
  • Rear left
  • Rear right
  • Center
  • Subwoofer

Each of the fronts, surround, and center speakers will utilize their own full channel while the subwoofer will account for the final 0.1 channel. Although 5.1-channel systems are common, you will also be able to find home theater setups with additional channels, such as 7.1 or 7.2.

What is the purpose of a center channel speaker?

When you watch TV or listen to music in stereo, the vocals are typically mixed between the left and right channels. This allows the vocals or speech to sound like it is coming directly from the center in order to ensure that you hear them even when you are sitting in front of the TV or speakers. However, in a surround-sound setup, the vocals are placed in their own dedicated center channel. This allows you to adjust the volume for the center channel only, which can come in handy should the speech be either too low or high.

How do you choose a Bose center channel speaker?

If you are looking to upgrade your existing Bose setup with additional speakers, choosing another Bose product is always a good option. Choosing a similar brand speaker will generally provide reliable results and help to ensure that the music, vocals, and effects emanating from each channel sound the same to your ears. As well, you should try to choose a Bose speaker that has similar frequency-response capabilities as your other speakers. This helps for timbre-matching, which means that you will hear the same quality of audio coming from the right, left, and center speakers.

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