What You Should Know About Bose QC15 Headphones

You will experience lifelike sounds without the distractions when you put on a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort(QC) headphones. Engineered with noise-canceling technology, the QC15 model reduces background noise so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and movies. You will find new, used and refurbished Bose QC15 headphones for your listening pleasure on eBay.

What are some of the features of Bose QC15 headphones?

Bose QC15 headphones offer superior sound quality and noise reduction. Wear them while traveling on a plane, working at the office, or relaxing at home. The headphones take a single AAA alkaline battery and provide up to 35 hours runtime. Some models come with an inline remote, allowing you to receive calls on your phone and adjust the volume. The QC15 headphones' features include:

  • Authentic sounds
  • Padded cushions that create a comfortable seal around the ears
  • Collapsible ear cups for easy storage
  • Lightweight headband that helps prevent hotspots
  • Indicator light to alert you when only five hours of battery life is left
What devices can you pair with Bose QC15 headphones?

Bose QC15 headphones work with select Samsung Galaxy and Apple devices. Make sure to check eBay product descriptions for compatibility. Suitable Apple devices for the QC15 include:

  • 4th through 6th generation iPod Nano
  • 2nd through 4th generation iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone4
  • iPad and iPad 2
  • MacBook and MacBook Pro
What accessories are available for QC15 headphones?

On eBay, you will find some accessories accompany the Bose QC15 headphones, while other models require a separate purchase. A list of available accessories includes:

  • Audio cables - There are two types of cables. One is for general use, and one has an inline three-button remote.
  • Airline adapter - Use this cable to connect to airplane ports to enjoy in-flight entertainment.
  • Carrying case - The Bose slim carrying case provides secure storage and includes interior and exterior pockets.
  • Ear cushions - Padded ear cushions offer a pleasant fit while blocking out environmental noise.
What is Bose's acoustic noise-canceling technology?

Bose's noise-canceling technology features cushioned ear cups with microphones inside and out to detect noise and reduce the sound. Added to this, padded ear cups to help block noises, and the headphones provide a pleasant listening experience. These headphones also come in handy when you need to focus. Just put them on to drown out distractions without turning on music.

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