Choosing the Right Bose Cube Speakers for You

Whether you are setting up a home theater or would just like a simple audio player solution to amplify your favorite music and media, Bose offers outstanding quality in its line of cube speakers. You can make a smart choice with Bose cube speakers available on eBay for various affordable prices. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to choose the right Bose cube speakers for you.

What models of Bose cube speakers are there?

You can find sets with subwoofers depending on your preference. Bose Acoustimass speakers, Jewel Cube, and satellite speakers are three of the most common options that are available:

  • Acoustimass speakers: The Acoustimass series features the signature Doubleshot cube design. Bose cube speakers in this line are the Acoustimass 10 series II, Acoustimass 10 series III, and the Acoustimass 15.
  • Original Jewel Cubes: Includes Lifestyle 30, Lifestyle 50, Lifestyle 35, Lifestyle 25 series II, Lifestyle 28, and Lifestyle 48. The original Jewel Cube speaker design features a metal grill over the Acoustimass' cloth grill.
  • Satellite speakers: Satellite speakers come in Acoustimass and Lifestyle sets. The satellite speaker is placed either behind or on a side of the central listening area for a more full surround sound.
  • Subwoofers: All Acoustimass and Lifestyle Bose cube speaker sets have a subwoofer optional add-on. Having a subwoofer fills in the low audio range of sound for a more full-range music or movie experience.
What are the Bose Jewel Cube speakers specifications?

The Bose Jewel Cube Speakers have a compatibility of 30 watts. The speakers are compatible with receivers between 4 and 8 ohms, according to Bose specs. They have a range of 200 to 13,000hz, so they will produce a wide range of sound as long as too much low audio range is not demanded from them. Cube speakers should be used with the optional subwoofer add-on for full dynamic range.

What are the Bose Acoustimass Speakers specs?

According to Bose specs, the Acoustimass speakers are compatible with receivers rated for up to 200 watts per channel and an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. The Acoustimass 6 system is rated for up to 150 watts.

What are the Bose Redline cube speakers specs?

According to Bose specs, the Bose Redline cube speakers have a compatibility of up to 200 watts per channel and are rated for 4 to 8 ohms impedance.

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