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How to Select Wireless Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Setting up your own home theater can be very satisfying and can completely change the way you watch movies, listen to music, and enjoy your favorite TV shows and radio stations. Wireless options are powered by Bluetooth, which makes them portable enough to place wherever you like, and there are many diverse types to choose from that offer the features you need.

What Are Some Speaker Types?

Choosing a type depends on how much space you have and where you plan to place the devices, in addition to the kind of sound system you want. To that end, Bose offers a few common styles.

  • A soundbar is a space-saving option that works well for rooms that don't have space for larger models. They are thin but offer the sound quality you'd hope for. The SoundTouch model of soundbar offers full surround sound in a slim design that fits right in front of your TV on your media stand. They're also Wi-Fi compatible and are virtually invisible.
  • Bookshelf speakers are small designs that you can place on a shelf, and they don't take up much space. Some models to look for include the 301 and the 161. 
  • A standalone option like the SoundTouch 20 model is larger than a bookshelf model but still compact enough to fit comfortably on your media center. It's Wi-Fi compatible, and you can use the app to control streaming sound.

What Are Some Typical Configurations?

Configuration is another word for how many speakers you're going to use when you're setting up your speaker system or home theater, and there are a few different common configurations.

  • A single speaker may be all you need for a small space, or for more portability when you're considering a model you want to take from room to room. There are different sizes and models, and even water-resistant small speakers you can take outside to the pool to enjoy music as you relax.
  • A 2.1 configuration typically comes with two speakers and a subwoofer. It's a smaller version of a large-scale home entertainment system for medium-sized spaces.
  • For a full-on, room-filling home theater, opt for a 5.1 channel configuration. This means there are five separate speakers and a subwoofer that make up the sound system. The small speakers go around the room for surround-sound purposes. 

What is a Subwoofer and Do You Need One?

You'll see that most (if not all) speakers contain a built-in subwoofer or recommend that you add one if it doesn't. So, what does a subwoofer do, and it is necessary?

  • A subwoofer, which is sometimes referred to as a sub, picks up the lowest frequencies of audio. This means mostly bass notes as opposed to higher frequencies like treble notes.
  • Having one gives you an advantage because it's designed solely for this function, meaning that other models can be dedicated to their own functions. Additionally, if you enjoy deep, rich bass notes in your music and movies, you'll definitely want one.

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