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Choosing a Bose Bluetooth Headset for Your Listening Needs

The Bose Bluetooth headsets combine top quality audio with the wireless design of Bluetooth devices for your listening pleasure. The headsets use the StayHear gel tips on the earbuds that are fit to a spring so you do not need an ear hook. This design allows you to enjoy music or other audio in comfort when you are on the go.

What are the main features of Bose Bluetooth headsets?

The Bluetooth headsets from Bose feature a variety of characteristics that bring you comfort, quality audio, and connectivity options from your wireless headphones.

  • Unique design: The trapezoidal shape helps funnel sound directly to your ear without the need for an ear hook while the soft gel tip earpieces are comfortable for longer uses.
  • Multipoint connectivity: This means that the Bluetooth headset can connect to two different devices at the same time.
  • Easy pairing: Once you turn the headset on, it automatically enters pairing mode, making it easy to sync with another Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Automatic volume adjustment: The headset automatically adjusts the volume depending on the noise level of your environment.
How do you pair the Bose headsets with another device?

To pair these with your smartphone, computer, or another device, follow the steps below:

  • On the right side, slide the power button to the Bluetooth symbol.
  • Hold this button in until you hear "ready to pair" in the earbuds or the Bluetooth symbol starts blinking blue.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on in the device you are trying to pair.
  • Choose the Bose Bluetooth headphones from the list of devices to connect to.
  • You should hear "connected to" and the device that the headset is now paired if you followed the steps correctly.
What are some benefits of in-ear headphones?

In-ear headphones provide sound when you insert the earbuds directly into your ear. There are some benefits to this type of earbud, including:

  • Portability: These types of headsets are easier to carry around with you or throw in your bag than over the ear headphones because they can be coiled up to fit anywhere.
  • Reject noise: In-ear Bluetooth headphones do not need noise cancellation technology to block out noisy environments because you can insert them directly into the ear canal. This prevents you from having to keep your music or other audio at a high volume, which can damage your ears.
  • Accurate sound: These headsets provide direct sound to your ears, which is a good option if you need an exact sound reproduction.
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