Purchasing Bose 901 Speakers: Essentials to Keep in Mind

Bose is respected by audiophiles and collectors alike for its quality vintage speakers as the icing on the cake to their home entertainment systems, themselves known for their sound quality and visual aesthetic. The 901 series is one of its most sought-after speaker lines, with multiple models in the 901 collection. There are a variety of affordable Bose 901 speakers available on eBay.

What models are available?

The Bose 901 series is a grouping of audio electronics, including speakers, released by the company. There are multiple speaker models sold under the Bose 901 umbrella. The following models are the Bose 901 speakers for sale.

  • Bose 901 Series I - Made with an all-wood enclosure. The speakers are housed in the sealed acoustic suspension style. The speaker has a straight surface.
  • Bose 901 Series II - Almost identical to the Series 1, the only differences are the walnut trim in lieu of the cloth grill and the metal Bose logo on the lower-right corner of the speaker's front.
  • Bose 901 Series III - Made in the early '70s, these cabinets are comprised of a full-wood enclosure with reflective technology to imitate music being played on a larger stage.
  • Bose 901 Series IV - Made from 1978-1983, the Bose 901 series IV eBay offers can be installed with compatible stands to enhance the reflective nature of the speakers.
  • Bose 901 Series V - The first cabinet in the series to include venting as part of its design. They are efficient speakers that can be driven with a 10-watt amplifier.
About the Bose 901-compatible equalizer

Bose also made an equalizer with a similar visual aesthetic to accompany the 901 speaker series. There are two versions of the EQ, the 901 series I and the 901 series II. It is important to note that each EQ is only compatible with certain speakers in the series. The Series I EQ works with the Series I and II speakers and the Series II EQ works with the Series III, IV, and V Bose 901 speakers for sale. If you're uncertain, be sure to check the manufacturer's site for full details.

How many drivers do the Bose 901 speakers have?

One thing that remains consistent in each Bose 901 for sale is that they each have eight drivers. The speakers have two groups of four drivers facing rear on the back of the cabinet and one driver facing forward. These vintage Bose speakers should be placed about one foot from the wall so the drivers can reflect the sound off the wall and out into the room to create a richer, fuller aural experience.

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