Mark Your Place With a Bookmark

Bookmarks are thin markers used to save a reader's place in a book. They are usually made of paper, plastic, leather, metal, or other materials, and can be collectable items in their own right. eBay offers a wide range of bookmarks that suit all budgets.

The kinds of bookmarks available on eBay

Bookmarks can be made from lots of different materials and can feature all kinds of designs. There are almost as many ideas for book markers as there are books to read, so the choice is as big as your imagination. If it fits in a book, you can probably use it as a bookmark.

Are there special types of bookmarks?

Bookmarks have other functions beyond just marking your page. Here are some other functions that might be incorporated in the design of a bookmark:

  • Thumb page holder: This is a ring with ledges that makes it easier to hold an open book with one hand.
  • Dictionary: A thin electronic dictionary, powered by a battery, which allows you to call up definitions as you read. Perfect for those learning a new language or reading about a subject with lots of new terminology.
  • Reading light: Bookmarks with LED lights built-in are handy for reading in low light conditions, while traveling, or for those readers who want to read just one more chapter under the bed covers.
Bookmark materials

As well as simple book markers made from traditional materials like plastic and leather, there are bookmarks available made from more unusual materials. These include:

  • Metal: Metal bookmarks are usually fairly lightweight and might be cast or cut into an attractive design.
  • Magnetic: There are several different types of book markers that use magnets including cute bookmarks with quotes.
  • Beads: These crafted items can be made as personalised bookmarks with names on, or used to make a collectable and unique book marker design.
Can you buy personalised bookmarks?

Yes. There are a large variety of options available if you want to buy a personalised bookmark. Perhaps you would like to choose cute quotes for bookmarks, or perhaps have bookmarks made out of some of your favourite photos? All are possible options. Contact the vendor for more details. Alternatively, you can choose to have a name engraved on the bookmark or pick out the letters of your own name in beads. Ultimately, no matter what type you choose, a bookmark can make a fun gift for the book worm in your life.