What Is The Difference Between Distributors And Book Wholesalers?

In the world of book supply, distributors are companies that endorse and sell books to libraries and retailers after purchasing them at a discount. Book wholesalers simply process orders and ship books after buying them at typically half-price discounts.

What Are Some Tips For Displaying A Group Of Books?

When showing off a bundle of books purchased in a lot, beware of temperature fluctuations that can encourage mold growth. Ideally, keep the books in a dry room with temperature levels that fall between 58 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the books regularly to look for signs of animal and insect damage, as rats, mice, beetles, and silverfish can destroy books. When displaying the books, use sturdy bookshelves made from metal or sealed wood. Unsealed wood can release acidic vapors that quicken the deterioration of books.

What Are Some Tips For Packing A Group Of Books?

To pack away a group of books purchased in a lot, make sure to choose boxes that will not damage the books, such as acid and lignin-free cardboard boxes. Polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene plastic containers are also safe options for storing books. Pack them flat with the largest of the books on bottom, and place bubble wrap between the layers. Finally, seal the containers with packing tape to keep out rodents and other pests.