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Boho Dresses 

Freedom. This one word sums up the boho style in a nutshell. Boho-style dresses are some of the most intriguing styles on the market because even the same dress can take on a different look as the style draws from the personality of the woman who wear it. Women's boho dresses are made to flow freely around the frame of the body and may be worn with a variety of accessories that allow women to showcase their unique personalities without restriction.   

What type of materials are available in boho-style dresses?

  • Cotton - Cotton materials are popular material choices for boho maxi dresses. A white boho dress made from 100-percent cotton is perfect for warm days since the material is very breathable. Boho dresses made from cotton blends are also fabulous choices and are easy to maintain.
  • Polyester - The fibers in polyester fabric are very strong which makes polyester boho dresses long-lasting. Boho dresses made with polyester or polyester blends come in a variety of colors and patterns with the boho floral dress being among the most popular choices in spring and summer months.
  • Wool Blend - Adding wool blend boho dresses to the wardrobe mean here is no need to stop wearing a favorite boho look when the weather turns chilly. There are many wool blend boho dresses available that make warm and stylish winter dress options.   

What are popular types of patterns available in the boho dress style?

  • Floral - Wearing a boho floral dress is a great choice for days when women want to play up their feminine qualities. These dresses come in various color and floral pattern options that look great for work and can carry women seamlessly into a romantic evening as well.
  • Animal Prints - Turn heads by taking a walk on the wild side in cheetah or leopard print boho-style dresses. If fun, flirty, and a bit edgy is a look that feels appealing, animal print boho dresses are the way to go.
  • Tie Dye - Often inspired by looks from the 60s and 70s eras, a popular pattern boho dress shopping list may be remiss if it did not include at least one boho dress in tie dye pattern. Although the boho style can be traced beyond those eras, hippie-inspired tie dye patterns are still widely popular boho dress styles.    

What types of accessories can be used with boho-style dresses?

  • Boots - Wearing boots with a boho dress can really amp up a fashion statement. Thigh high boots, over-the-knee boots, and combat boot styles are all popular boot choices to wear with boho dresses.
  • Headbands - Free-flowing hairstyles can be tamed with the aid of a retro headband without sacrificing the boho look. Consider using headbands that incorporate feathers or flowers into the design to add an extra touch of bohemian flair to short hairstyles as well.
  • Costume Jewelry - Costume jewelry always looks great with boho dresses. Many women enjoy using statement jewelry pieces to accentuate the bohemian look. Rings and necklaces with large details look great with a boho dress as do plastic bangles and metallic bangles.
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