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Make a Bold Statement with Stylish Bobbers Motorcycles on Sale

Bobbers have been in style since its introduction in the 1930s. These stylish bikes offer bikers a chance to showcase their individual style, mood, and passion. If you want to show off, eBay has an active marketplace for new and used bobber bikes.

What modifications does a motorcycle undergo to become a bobber?

A bobber motorcycle is designed by removing unnecessary aspects from the bike that doesn't contribute to its functioning. Since modifications can be confusing, a typical bobber motorcycle for sale will usually undergo the following changes:

  • Fenders: Almost all bobber motorcycles for sale have shortened fenders or custom-designed fenders to match individual style.
  • Seats: Modifying seats may be the most expansive job because it's often time-consuming to build seats that are stylish and comfortable.
  • Mufflers: Altering the exhaust system is also common among riders. If it's the first time you're trying a bobber motorcycle, be aware that a customized bike's homemade muffler may damage the exhaust.
  • Handlebars: Extended handlebars are commonplace in these bikes as they reflect the personality and style of the biker.
  • Lights and Colors: Custom lights and color also depends on the mood of the buyer. Black and Red are two of the well-known color themes.
Pre-built bobber motorcycles

Even though bobbers can be home-built, various brands pride themselves in offering a pre-built bobber for sale. The advantage of buying a branded bobber is the relative safety of mechanical functions compared to poorly designed bob-jobs.

Bonneville Bobber, Indian Scout, CCM Spitfire, and Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber are examples of the craftsmanship and style of their individual manufacturers. In contrast, big-name companies such as Harley-Davison, Yamaha and, Kawasaki are also known to produce bobbers for a select group of enthusiasts. You can find many reasonably priced bobber motorcycles for sale on eBay.

Difference between Bobber and a Chopper

The most obvious difference between the two is the modified frame. Almost every stylish bobber is built on an existing frame. As the underlying body and mechanics remain similar, modifying a preowned bobber costs less.

In contrast, the most noteworthy feature of a more expensive chopper is its modified frame. In fact, choppers are also known for their bold colors, extended metalwork, brass, shine, and gloss. Most bobbers use faint color themes such as black while rusty parts are also visible. Another distinguishing factor of a chopper is a larger front wheelbase compared to the rear wheel, which is in stark contrast to bobbers that have similar wheel size.

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