Blythe Dolls Shopping Guide and Buying Tips

Blythe dolls are easy to identify by their oversized heads, huge eyes, and the ability to change their eye color with a simple pull of the string on their back. The dolls first emerged in the early 1970s, but only circulated for one year before being released by a new toy company in 2002. You can buy a Blythe doll and accessories that have been customized by artists or your own customizable dolls to create on your own on eBay.

What's the difference between Blythe custom and factory dolls?

When you're shopping for Blythe dolls, you may notice that the collectibles are advertised in two states: custom and factory. It's important to note whether a doll is customized or being sold exactly how it was made at the factory. Factory dolls include the features it was made with, usually including accessories that came in the original box.

Custom Blythe dolls have changes that were made after the doll was received by its original owners and can vary significantly from one version of the doll to another. Blythe custom options include:

  • Wigs
  • Eye chips
  • Eyelashes
  • Face plates
  • Polymer clay lips
Are Blythe dolls available new in the box?

Yes, Blythe dolls are for sale on eBay new in the box. Unopened, mint condition Blythe dolls are sold with factory features, an outfit, and outfit accessories. Brand-new Blythe dolls are fun to play with and great for collectors who like to paint and create their own Blythe dolls.

What material are Blythe dolls made of?

The materials used to create a Blythe doll depend on whether it is a factory doll or customized doll. Factory Blythe dolls use silicone, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and much more. Some of the most-used custom materials include porcelain, metal, bisque, and alpaca yarn.

Blythe doll heights

Blythe offers their collectible dolls in a variety of heights. The tallest dolls in this collection are 2.5 feet tall, and the smallest is 3 inches. Despite their height, all of these dolls can be considered toys or collectibles depending on how they are treated and displayed.

Can Blythe dolls have their outfits changed?

Yes, it is possible to change the outfits of a Blythe doll. Doll owners can have their entire personality created with a new outfit and fashion accessories. Outfit options for dolls include:

  • Hats
  • Jumpsuits
  • Hair accessories
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Halloween and other special event costumes
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