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Make Bike Rides More Enjoyable With a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Ensure you can always stay in touch with friends and family while you are riding your hog with the Bluetooth wireless motorcycle headsets available on eBay. You can not only listen to your favorite tunes, but also connect the headsets to your phone so you can answer or make calls without having to stop your ride. eBay offers a wide variety of these headsets, so you're sure to find one that works for you.

How do the headsets stay in place?

The headsets are designed to fit into the divots in the padding of your motorcycle helmet so that you don't put pressure on your ears while you ride. The microphone that comes with the motorcycle Bluetooth headset is often attached to the interior of the front of the helmet or in the side of the helmet so that you can still be heard when riding at high speeds.

What kind of batteries do the headsets use?

There is often a rechargeable battery built into motorcycle headsets. The amount of time the headsets will be able to operate before needing to be recharged will vary, but for the most part they provide you with a few hours of use before needing to be recharged. There is a charging adapter that comes with many headsets that allow you to plug them into the wall for quick and easy charging.

Can you talk to other riders with the headsets?

Some of the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets do allow you to pair with other motorcycle headsets, especially if the same manufacturer made them. There should be directions on how to pair multiple headsets together with the headset in the user manual.

What features do motorcycle headsets have?
  • Listen to music - The motorcycle headsets can be linked to your cell phone so that you can play your favorite playlist or stream music while you ride.
  • Answer and make calls - The headsets allow you to make and answer calls without having to pull out your phone or remove your hands from the handle bars. If the contact is saved in your phone, their name will be read off so you can know who is calling before you answer.
  • Answer texts safely - Some of the headsets have a speech-to-text feature that allows you to answer texts while you ride.
  • Talk to other riders - Some headsets can be paired together to allow numerous riders to talk to one another at the same time during a ride.