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Your Mix on the Right Bluetooth Subwoofer

Bluetooth technology provides us with a variety of uses. The range for a Bluetooth subwoofer can work in distances of up to 100 feet away. These are common features to subwoofers, and you can find these kinds of new and pre-owned subwoofers on eBay at affordable prices.

Which speakers capture low frequencies?

Subwoofers are crafted to isolate the low frequencies found in your electronics. These frequencies sustain lengths between 20 Hz and 200 Hz without holding higher pitches or tones. Limiting a loudspeaker to this range makes it a “sub,” which is short for subwoofer. The woofer is found in all loudspeakers, and depending on the number of diaphragms there are, they can provide bass, treble, and middle tones for the audio played through them.

The size of subs are generally larger than common speakers. The low frequencies of the Bluetooth subwoofer extract bass ranges. The larger diaphragm it has enables low frequencies to resonate and at volumes that meet what our ears can hear.

Do subwoofers use sound or electricity?

The inputs of a sub consist of USB, CD, video, or instrumental sources that are powered by electricity. The audible signals these devices release are transferred into an electrical signal when processed. The signal creates a pattern that mimics the sound recorded into it. Microphones capture voice sounds in the same manner. The sounds are momentarily recorded in the signal and held until it is resonated from the sub’s voice coils. This airflow is a result of electrical signals that capture sound waves and replicate them for an output we can hear. Here are some of the pieces making this all possible in eBay subs:

  • Voice coils: The coils are set by winding mounds of copper made into a pile. Their construction can be doubled to create a magnetic field around the base of the speaker. Think of voice coils as where sound is held but as a live stream of useable energy ready to travel out.
  • Cones: The cones help to extract the sound held in the coils. The cone is a woofer and its shape helps the sound you hear to gradually expand as it is moved forward at tremendous speeds.
  • Magnets: Magnets provide the polarity required to pull electrical signals and then reflect them to a final destination.
How many subwoofers does sound need?

Every sound system is designed for different reasons. Large performances will require multiple subs, but other systems will fill up a home theater with just one woofer. The wattage and the size are features to search for when finding the right sound, and you can even balance spaces with the popular, dual-sub setup.

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