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Enjoy Boundless Streaming with a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A Bluetooth wireless speaker lets you enjoy any selected audio from a paired device over a wider area without wires. Discover the features and benefits of this nifty piece of hardware and find a selection of them on eBay.

Do you need software or apps to use Bluetooth speakers?

No, you do not. The main selling point of a Bluetooth wireless speaker is its ability to pair with any Bluetooth-capable device that can recognize it. Depending on your type of device and brand, you may have to follow unique menu options to discover and pair with the speakers. Once you make the proper menu selections, pairing is automatic and you can start streaming at once. Specialized Bluetooth speakers, such as the Bose SoundLink, can pair with any Bluetooth enabled device as well as other select Bose entertainment setups.

What brands of speaker can you choose?

The Bluetooth wireless speaker is a fairly standard peripheral available from every major brand. The vast assortment of products available on eBay includes gently used and new-in-box (NIB) Bluetooth wireless speaker products. The list of available brands is quite long, but a few notable brands include:

  • Apple: You can stream from common Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Belkin: This is a leading brand in travel and wireless tech.
  • Hitachi: This brand is known for visual equipment and deejay-quality audio.
  • JVC: The sound equipment brand used by many pro musicians.
  • Samsung: This is the biggest manufacturer of Android-based devices compatible with Bluetooth wireless peripherals, such as speakers.
Can you pair different brands of speakers?

You can have different brands of speakers in a single setup for enhanced sound distribution, ambiance, and design schemes. However, a Bluetooth wireless speaker only needs to communicate with the paired host device through which you're streaming audio. If your host device is a phone or tablet, the number of speakers you can pair with it depends on the device. Some devices can only support up to six or less paired devices at one time. The specifics should be in your owner's manual or on the manufacturer's website.

What is the average Bluetooth wireless speaker IP rating?

Ingress Protection markings vary wildly between devices, ranging from IPX2 to IPX9. The "X" denotes an inapplicable rating for water intrusion, impact, and dust. The numbers "2" to "9" refer to various degrees of resistance to moisture. Moisture protection of at least "4" is average, connoting a resistance to water spray. Other products advertise their IP ratings as easily identifiable benefits, such as "waterproof" or "all-weather." It's worth remembering that most Bluetooth wireless speaker products are engineered for a certain amount of outdoor use and light exposure to elements.

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