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Blue by Ralph Lauren, Women's Fragrances

Presented in aqua and silver, Blue by Ralph Lauren is a floral women's fragrance. From the office to big adventures to candlelit dinners, Blue is a versatile perfume. Encapsulated in a dark blue bottle, the perfume comes in options like parfum and an eau de toilette spray.

What notes are used in Ralph Lauren's Blue for women?

Blue has a distinctive scent that opens with floral notes like lotus flower, gardenia, and pink peony. Tuberose and rose de mai are at the heart of the perfume that finishes with tones of orange flower, dark musk, ambrette, and deep sandalwood.

How do you apply Ralph Lauren's Blue perfume for women?
  • Application: If it is an eau de toilette spray, hold the bottle several inches away from the areas where you wish to apply your scent and spray evenly. For better results, spray on before you dress. The fragrance will usually last longer, and you will avoid stains and watermarks on your clothing.
  • Pulse points: Applying the parfum to points of heat on your body helps to activate the scent. Pulse points are found behind the ears, in the neck and collarbone area, on the wrists, inside the elbows, around the belly button, and behind the knees.
  • Hair: To add the scent of your Blue perfume to your hair, spray the scent on your hairbrush and transfer the perfume to your hair in a few light strokes.
How do you make the scent last longer?
  • Applying after showering: Using your perfume right after you shower will help your fragrance last longer. This is because your pores are open, allowing the scent to melt into your skin. Using a moisturizing oil or wash while in the shower will make the fragrance last longer still since perfumes cling well to hydrated skin.
  • Layering: Beauty products made to match the scent of perfumes and colognes can help to extend the duration of your Ralph Lauren scent. By choosing from Blue body sprays, creams, powders, and lotions, you can create a layering effect with your signature scent to help it last.
  • Letting the scent dry: After you apply Blue, don't rub your wrists together; allow your scent to dry naturally on your skin for pure top notes.
How do you care for your perfume?

While many fragrances have aromas that are rich and robust, their chemical structure is quite delicate. Protect your Blue fragrance by keeping it in a dark, cool area. Always keep your bottles where they cannot be easily broken, and keep them out of reach of children. This will ensure that your perfume stays fragrant for a long time.

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