Pepsi Blue

Pepsi's alternate flavor was launched in 2002 after fans voted it a favorite. They taste tested over 100 flavors in a nine-month period. The pop has since been discontinued in the United States, although can still be found overseas.

What type of Pepsi collectibles are there?

A variety of pop collectibles cover almost any era. Pepsi collectibles are no different. The variety of memorabilia includes the soda itself as well as clothing, advertising, and more.

  • Bottles and Cans
  • Print Advertising
  • Banks
  • Clocks and Radios
  • Glasses
  • Pins, Badges, and Patches
  • Shirts, Jackets, and Hats
  • Signs
  • Trucks and Cars
Do collectible Pepsi bottles have the original soda in them?

Pepsi Blue bottles can be sold with or without soda, although they are worth more if the packaging is unopened. Either style is rare, however, due to the limited time that the pop was manufactured. Bottles feature the regular Pepsi logo plus the word "Blue" printed in large, all capital white letters.

What's a Pepsi menu board?

A menu board can often be seen at a small restaurant or deli. It comes with a set of letters that can be added to spell out the day's specials or a regular list of menu items and prices. A Pepsi menu board is branded with a large logo to support the brand and entice people to buy a pop with their meal.

How does Pepsi Blue differ from regular Pepsi?

The pop was first introduced in 2002 and subsequently discontinued in 2004. It is a traditional Pepsi enhanced with berry flavor, similar to that of raspberries or blueberries, and blue in color. This pop is still available in the Philippines and Indonesia, although primarily as a fountain drink. It is rarely found in a 2-liter or single-serving can or bottle.

Who was in the pop's advertisements?

Pepsi Blue was often promoted by sports teams that used the same color, such as the New York Mets. Most of the commercials and print advertisements featured Britney Spears, Sev, and Papa Roach. It was also seen in the movies, "Garfield: The Movie" and "The Italian Job."

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