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How to Keep Your Eyes on the Dragon

Collectible card games have been around for decades; there's just something about the thrill of opening a sealed pack to find a Blue Eyes White Dragon or other ultra rare card that gets a player's heart pumping. Once you have the card, seal it away in a sleeve for protection.

What Do You Look for in Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?

No matter what you choose to collect, there are always three factors to consider when looking for new collectibles:

  • Condition: The better the condition of your card, the higher the collectability, whether it's a Blue Eyes White Dragon or a Celtic Guardian. Keeping your cards in sleeves is one way to ensure they stay in good condition.
  • Rarity: Rarity has to do with the frequency of the card's appearance. For example, an Ultra Rare card like Blue Eyes White Dragon usually appears in one of every 12 TCG boosters. There are four main categories of card rarity in the game: Common, Rare, Super rare, and Ultra Rare.
  • Desirability: Desirability is more than just about condition or rarity. It's about how well the card captures the fan base's imaginations. For example, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is more desirable than many other monsters of a similar rarity because more people want the dragon in their decks.

What About the Mythology?

Every card holds a place in the Yu-Gi-Oh mythology, representing everything from monsters to traps as seen in the world of the manga and its Duel Monster game. For example, Blue Eyes White Dragon is a normal monster of the Light and Dragon types. This mythology all derives from the game within the game and has three main sources:

  • Manga: Originally appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga followed a character named Yugi Mutou through the Duel Monster game that formed the basis for the cards.
  • Anime: Deriving from its predecessor, the anime is the form where characters such as Blue Eyes White Dragon, the Forbidden One, and Azure-Eyes developed most of their popularity. 
  • The Game: Popular with adults and children everywhere, this is the aspect of the show that turned passive viewers into active collectors on the search for their Ultra-Rare monsters from dragons to magicians.

Learning the Spirit of the Dragon

While the thrill of finding an Ultra Rare in a random booster is always present, sometimes you need a specific card to build the deck you want to play. A Dark themed deck and a Light themed deck require different monsters, and sometimes every pack you open has the wrong one for the theme you want to play. Searching out a single Blue Eyes White Dragon is often much easier than finding one in a booster pack, and it wastes less time; time that you could be playing.

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