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Honda Pilot Blower Motors

Honda introduced their mid-size AWD SUV for the 2003 model year. The Honda Pilot continues to be marketed through to the 2018 models. Honda continues to produce reliable vehicles; however, routine maintenance on parts such as blower motors is critical to keeping your SUV in top shape.

Does a blown motor relay fuse indicate a serious problem?

When a message is sent to the motor relay, it responds like a switch to either limit power or circulate air flow. When the motor relay isn't working like it should, it can overwork the system by causing the current to spike. The system will shut down to protect itself from damage. One aspect of shutting down is blowing the fuse. Not servicing the relay when a problem is first indicated can lead to melted wires or more serious electrical issues.

Does the same relay fit the Touring and EX-L models?

The EX-L and Touring models of the Honda Pilot use some of the same parts, such as the blower motor relay. The Honda Pilot Touring package wasn't introduced until 2009, so the two Pilot trim packages from that year forward will be compatible. Also, there are two blower motors, one in the front and one in back.

Why would a Honda Pilot blower motor stop working?

A few symptoms might indicate why a fan's blower motor seized. The motor's relay is one reason. The AC/heater system's blower motor will no longer function if the current from the relay has stopped. Another cause might be the resistor. If it's gone, then your system might have been thrown too much current at once without the resistor's ability to stop the excess. As a result, it could have blown the motor.

Why is the Pilot's air conditioner only blowing cool air?

There a few things to keep in mind when investigating why your Honda's air conditioner has begun blowing excessive amounts of cool air. If you know that the refrigerant has recently been recharged and is not leaking, then there are other places to look. Your Pilot's evaporator or condenser coils may need cleaning, which is part of your HVAC system’s routine maintenance. The bearings on the air compressor could also be the issue, which is usually accompanied by loud noises coming from the AC unit. Your clutch on the compressor, which is easily repaired, might also contribute to excessive cold air. If all of these parts are functioning properly, it's time to replace your vehicle’s compressor.

What are signs that the blower motor resistor needs replacing?

One obvious symptom your resistor, which controls speed, needs replacing is if your motor is stuck on a single speed. Another indicator is if you can only get your vehicle's blower to work on one setting, either high or low, for example. The final determination is if there is no air at all coming from the vent.