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Ford F-150 Blower Motors

There is nothing like a warm engine to heat up a cold day, and blower motors help make that happen. Ford F-150 blower motors make the most of your truck's powerful engine. If your motor stops working, you can quickly diagnose and replace this essential Ford part.

How do blower motors work?

Blower motors are essential to keep your truck in running order. In addition to blowing hot and cold air into the cabin, the motor also helps keep your engine cool. If the motor is no longer blowing air into your pickup's cabin, one of several parts could be the issue.

  • Blower resistor: This part of the motor consists of a bank of resistors which recognize the fan setting dial in the dash. Depending on your setting, this panel controls how much power the motor will use to channel air to your cabin.
  • Fuses: The resistor bank contains fuses used to process the current setting. As with any fuse in your truck, sometimes these will blow and need replacing. Frequently blown fuses may point to wiring issues or other problems with the motor itself.
  • Fan: In addition to blowing air, the blower motor fan also filters air to remove impurities. If the motor fan gets clogged, this will cause air to stop moving through the unit. Cleaning the fan may solve the problem, but if not, the fan may be permanently damaged. If impurities like twigs and dirt are a frequent problem, you should clean the fan regularly to extend the life of your motor.
  • Connector wires: Because the blower uses your truck battery, it needs electrical connectors to work. If these wires become frayed, you may need to replace them.
How can you find the right F-150 motor?

A blower motor is a standard size part that fits in multiple vehicles across the Ford line. Therefore, you will need to pay close attention when looking for the correct Ford F-150 part. Pay attention to make, model, and year. To properly connect to your system and fit inside the F-150 interior, you must find one of the correct size. Note that some parts, such as fuses, will work in multiple blowers. However, you still need to get the right size.

How can you tell if a motor is working?

To test if the motor is the problem, you can use a voltage meter to make sure it is getting power from the battery. If it is getting power but is not running, then you know the issue is with the motor itself. Torque is the term for energy put into the rotor to get it to spin. If the engine has power but no spin, that means something has gone wrong in between. If the motor is trying to run but failing, this can be a dangerous situation due to the stored energy. Always make sure to disconnect all power before attempting repairs or replacements.

Do diesel trucks require special blowers?

Because F-150 blower motors run off the truck battery, diesel trucks do not require special motors. As with any F-150 type, however, make sure to check against make and model.