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A Buying Guide to BlizzCon Tickets

BlizzCon is a PC gaming event that is held by Blizzard every year in the fall. New games and features are announced during BlizzCon, and the company hosts major tournaments. If you love Warcraft, Overwatch, or Hearthstone, then you may want to attend BlizzCon.

Do you want a virtual ticket or a physical ticket?

Blizzard knows their tickets are in demand and that not everyone can attend the event. To meet demand, they offer virtual tickets and physical tickets. A virtual ticket allows you to watch all the panels and tournaments from the comfort of your home. You might choose this option if you cannot travel or do not have time. A physical ticket grants you access to BlizzCon in Anaheim so you will be there in person to see the new games and features.

What bonuses are offered?

To entice fans to attend the conference, Blizzard offers exclusive bonuses in each game. These bonuses might be card backs, pets, or new weapons. Usually, these bonuses are not game-breaking, but they are exclusive to the event. Blizzard usually announces the rewards before the event, so look up the bonuses before you buy. You might discover that your favorite game is receiving something cool that you cannot live without.

Additionally, some bonuses are only available with a physical ticket. For example, the 2019 physical ticket includes either an Orc Grunt or a Human Footman statue. These commemorative collectibles are only available with the physical ticket, so choose wisely.

Buying older tickets on eBay

Older BlizzCon tickets can be found on eBay. These tickets are sold for the virtual items tied to the ticket. If you are a huge Blizzard fan, you may want to look into the previous year's bonuses. If you missed a critical bonus, then you can search for a virtual ticket from that year. For example, Overwatch fans might want to search eBay for BlizzCon tickets of 2017, because an exclusive Winston skin was released that year. The skin has never been re-released, so buying those tickets is the only way to get it.

World of Warcraft fans could search for BlizzCon 2015 tickets on eBay if they want a Murkidan Pet. This pet is exclusive to 2015 attendees. Other gamers might want 2015 tickets for the Starcraft 2 portraits or the Heroes of the Storm battle mount. All items tied to the BlizzCon ticket are exclusive to that year.

You can find BlizzCon 2018 tickets on eBay and get the bonuses from that year. You might buy BlizzCon tickets from that year if you want a Nexus Razorgrin mount or Classic Worker skins for Starcraft 2. Looking for old BlizzCon tickets for sale can unlock many bonuses, which can enhance your gameplay experience.

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