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Choosing a Black Toner Cartridge for Canon Printers

When you're printing on your Canon printer, you need a black toner cartridge. Imagine printing out an important set of documents for work when your black ink starts fading to gray, which means you're getting low on ink. As you run low, you will want to have a spare cartridge handy to avoid this type of situation. What you buy will depend on whether you have a black and white or color printer.

What size cartridge do you need?

Different Canon models will require different size cartridges. Much of this has to do with the drum size, which is what transfers the toner to the page. You can find the size on the inside panel of the Canon printer or in the owner's manual.

What are the available print technologies?

Toner cartridges are commonly associated with a laser printer. However, there are a few print technologies that should be considered when choosing toner for your printer:

  • Dot matrix: An ink ribbon prints dots in a back and forth motion.
  • Inkjet: Ink is sprayed onto the page.
  • Laser: Tiny dots are transferred to a page using the ink drum.
  • Thermal: Printing is done with heat and specially treated paper.
How is the cartridge installed?

A cartridge is comprised of a toner cartridge and a drum. When it's time to install a cartridge, there is often a plastic piece that needs to be pulled out prior to installation. From there, you need to slide it into the grooves inside the printer. Make sure the lid is closed properly so that the printer can recognize the new cartridge. A test page may then be run to ensure that there are no issues.

What are the toner options?

When you're buying a black ink cartridge, it's important to explore the options.

  • Pigment: You may need a black toner cartridge as well as various colors based on what type of printer you have.
  • Sets: You may be able to buy more than one toner cartridge at a time.
How many pages can a toner cartridge last for?

Many toner cartridges are designed to last for approximately 2,000 pages. However, there are some variables that need to be taken into consideration so you know what to expect. Some of those factors include the following:

  • Printer settings: You can control how much ink is used, ranging from fast (low ink) to fine (high ink).
  • Type of cartridge being used: Not all cartridges are created equally based on the quality of toner.
  • Model of printer: Some types of printers will naturally use more ink.
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