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Black Cashmere by Donna Karan Women's Fragrances

The right fragrance can start your day with a boost of confidence. Wearing a parfum that matches your personality and style can boost your morale, especially on days you need it, and keep you in a pleasant mood as you go about your busy life. Donna Karan's Black Cashmere is designed to have rich textures and a bold essence.

What notes are used in Black Cashmere?

Black Cashmere opens with hints of broom flower, clove, masala spices, nutmeg, pimento berry, and saffron. At heart is bois de miel; cistus; and rich, dark wenge wood. Ethiopian incense, labdanum, rose, and patchouli make up the aromatic base of this blend.

How do you apply perfume for best results?

Apply your perfume to the desired areas using the spray bottle, dab it on, or in the case of a solid, swipe it on using the applicator. Many favor application to popular pulse points like the neck, inside the elbows, the wrists, below the midriff, the calves, the ankles, and behind the knees. While you likely do not want to apply your product to all of these areas at the same time, applying to two to three is ideal.

When applying to the wrists, be careful not to scrub them together to transfer the scent. Doing so may diminish the top notes of your product and reduce its longevity.

While scents can be used on the hair, applying it directly to your locks is not advised as the alcohol content can be drying. Instead, apply the product to your hairbrush and then run it through your hair to transfer the smell. Keep in mind that clean, dry hair produces good results. Natural oils and product buildup in the hair can alter the smell of your perfume.

How do you store perfume?

Be careful where you store your favorite scents like your Black Cashmere by Donna Karan Women's Fragrances. Keeping your bottles in areas with light, heat, or humidity may break down your perfumes more quickly. Instead, store them in dark, dry, cool places. Linen closets, drawers, or specific storage boxes work well. Avoid keeping your bottles in an area where they can easily be knocked around.

How can you make your fragrance last longer?
  • Skin moisture is important as oily complexions hold scents longer. Start with well-moisturized skin, and then apply your product. Applying immediately following your shower but before dressing is a good time.
  • Lightly applying petroleum jelly to the areas where you would like to apply your fragrance can greatly extend its wear. Instead of soaking into the pores of your skin, it will seep into the occlusive ointment and last much longer.
  • Some like to spritz a cloud of their fragrance into the air to walk through. Since this wastes a lot of product, it is not recommended if you are using a rare bottle of perfume.
  • Use your favorite parfum on pillows and when lining drawers where clothing is stored for some therapeutic benefits and to make your product go farther.
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