The Birkenstock brand of footwear is one of the oldest brands that produces a shoe with a molded footbed. They produce footwear in Neustadt Germany, where the company is headquartered, and these products are shipped all around the world. The company continues to produce their traditional sandal design that dates back to 1963, and they also sell boots, sneakers, loafers, and other contemporary designs.

How old is the Birkenstock brand?

The Birkenstock company has its roots in a small German shoemaking family from the 1770s. Starting in 1896, the Birkenstock family began producing flexible and contoured insoles that were favorites in Germany. After World War II, there was a huge demand for orthopedic shoes, and people in other countries became aware of the family's footwear. Starting in the 1960s, Birkenstock began selling their products officially in the United States through the Birkenstock Distribution USA company.

What styles are Birkenstock shoes made in?

The shoes made by the company can be divided into the following categories:

  • Arizona sandals: The Arizona slides on and then adjusts with two straps that buckle over the top of the foot.
  • Clogs: Clogs slip on without any straps, and they have a wide upper portion that covers the toes while baring the heels.
  • Sneakers: The classic lace up sneakers made by Birkenstock look just like normal athletic sneakers.
  • Thong sandals: These flip flop type of sandals have a strap between the toes.
  • Strap sandals: The company has a variety of back-strap and multi-strap footwear.
  • Boots: You can find boots in a variety of lace up and pull on shapes. The company makes low, mid-calf, and knee length boots.
  • Dress shoes: Birkenstock produces a selection of formal leather Oxford, loafer, and chukka designs.
Are Birkenstock sizes different for men and women?

When shopping for Birkenstock footwear, keep in mind that they are a European company. European footwear sizes use the same exact sizing for both men's and women's shoes. For example, a European size 39 is an American women's 8.5 or an American men's 6. This means that you do not have to consider gender when finding your footwear size.

What is Birkenstock footwear made from?

Since the 1930s, the company has used the same sole formula. It starts with a shock absorbent sole of ethyl vinyl acetate, and then jute and memory foam are layered on top of the sole bottom. The upper layer is made of shock-absorbent cork that will contour to your feet over time. The soles always use the same material, but the upper part of the footwear will vary depending on which design is used. Common materials for uppers are patent leather, suede, synthetic plastics, and cloth.

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