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Birkenstock Women’s Clogs

Among Birkenstock's products are a line of women’s clogs. Since they are easy to slip on and off, clogs are an option for everyday women's wear. Birkenstock clogs are constructed of materials geared toward providing durability.

What styles of women’s clogs does Birkenstock offer?

Birkenstock has designed several styles of women’s clogs. Following are just some of the styles:

  • Boston: These women's Birkenstocks come in several variations. All Boston clogs are fitted with cork footbeds that vary in thickness and design, depending on the specific variation. They also feature top straps that are closed with Birkenstock-engraved buckles. The Boston’s uppers may be constructed of a variety of materials, including oiled leather, suede, microfiber, and EVA. Many designs are also lined with shearling for extra warmth and comfort. These Birkenstocks are available in women's size 4 through size 12.5.
  • Amsterdam: These Birkenstocks are also available in a range of materials, including nubuck, rubber, microfiber, and felt. This design features a one-piece upper along with a cork footbed and is available in women’s size 4 through size 12.5.
  • Tokyo: These women's Birkenstocks feature leather uppers and cork footbeds. Like the Boston clogs, they have top straps, but they also have heel bands with closures to keep them securely on your foot.
How do you care for Birkenstocks?

To keep your Birkenstocks in good condition, it is recommended that you clean them regularly. To clean the insides of the shoes, use warm water and a soft cloth. If they are stained, you may use a baking soda and water paste to gently scrub them. Allow the paste to sit on the shoes overnight, and rinse it off in the morning. For leather, suede, and nubuck uppers, you should use a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep your Birkenstocks free of stains and water damage.

How do you find the correct size of Birkenstock clogs?

Birkenstock shoes are made in European sizes. If you are not familiar with European sizes, you will need to perform a simple conversion. To find your women’s European size, add 31 to your normal U.S. women’s shoe size. For example, if you wear a size 8 in U.S. sizes, you will wear a 39 in European sizes. With a correct fit, you should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably inside the shoes, and your heels should fit nicely inside the backs. Keep in mind that leather and suede stretch slightly over time. Expect your footwear to feel a bit looser after they have been broken in.

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