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Billy Cook Western Horse Saddles

How to Buy Billy Cook Saddles

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to buying horse tack, including western saddles. The variety of designs offered by Billy Cook Saddles brand will allow riders to hit the trails with confidence and style. A simple search on eBay will turn up a variety of options to choose from at affordable prices.

What factors should you consider when buying Billy Cook saddles?
  • Intended use: When choosing a western horse saddle, you should buy a saddle based on the type of riding situations you will encounter as you ride. There are specialized saddles for every horseback activity because different activities place different demands on the horse and saddle.
  • Horse fit: The saddle must fit your horse properly because ill-fitting saddles can cause serious health and training problems.
  • Rider fit: A saddle must also fit the rider. A saddle that isnt sized correctly can be uncomfortable and puts the rider in an incorrect riding position, possibly resulting in unnecessary injury.
  • Budget: Since saddles are vital for both comfort and safety, it?s important to spend what you can afford. A used saddle can be an appropriate option if you need a more affordable saddle.
  • Personal preferences: Incorporating personal choices into saddle choices is important. There are several features available including tooling/stamping, leather color, silver, rigging, skirt shape, stirrups, and seat style.
What are some types of saddles you can buy?

Different kinds of Billy Cook saddles may fit for various riding situations. There are a number of types of saddles available, depending on the particular activity. These include:

  • Ranch: A ranch saddle is a general-purpose stock saddle.
  • Reining: A reining saddle is equipped with forward hung stirrups allowing the rider to stay on the horse during fast starts and stops.
  • Roping: A roping saddle is double rigged, has a large diameter, and well-anchored horn. This allows a cow to be tied-off to it.
  • Show: A show saddle is not designed for functionality but for looking good in a show arena.
  • Trail: A trail saddle is lighter and has a smaller horn than a roping saddle.
What sizes do Billy Cook saddles come in?
  • Youth: 12 inches -13 inches
  • Small Adult: 14 inches
  • Average Adult: 15 inches
  • Large Adult: 16 inches
  • Extra-Large Adult: 17 inches
How do you determine western saddle seat size?
  1. The seat size only refers to rider fit, not how the saddle will fit the horse.
  2. There should be four inches from your body to the fork or swells.
  3. The rider?s buttocks should rest on the base of the cantle without pressing against the back of the cantle.
  4. The general rule is that it?s better to have a saddle be slightly small than too large.
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