Billiard Tables

A fun game of pool is always a great way to pass some time, and contemporary pool tables can be a great investment. Pool tables often serve as a centerpiece for socializing and events with friends and family. With a variety of styles, sizes and needs, it can be a challenge to find the right pool table for your contemporary space.

Are contemporary pool and billiard tables the same thing? 

While there may be slight differences between them, a contemporary pool or billiard table for home purchase is generally the same and terms can be used interchangeably. They will typically come in wood or black coloring and feature the following.

  • A size in which the length is approximately twice the width for a pool table.
  • Six pockets along the edge of the pool table in which billiard balls are hit. A carom billiards table may not have pockets, but these are found mostly in billiards competitions and for specialized pool players.
  • A slate playing surface, usually covered in felt or wool. The cover can come in colors like green, red or black. Non-slate tables exist, but can warp or be imperfect, causing the billiard balls to not move in a straight line.

What size are modern pool tables?

Modern pool tables actually have no official standard size! Therefore, the main consideration when buying a contemporary table is the space you have for it. In a game of billiards, players will need several feet of apace all the way around the table to set up shots and maneuver. Keep this in mind when purchasing.

  • Mini and portable billiards tables between 30 inches to 46 inches are fun centerpieces that can work in almost any space. While not for a serious billiards player, these tables are great for kids and just having fun. These will generally not have slate tops.
  • A modern pool table for more regulation size billiards are often at 87 inches to 90 inches long, and approximately half that for the width.
  • The biggest pool tables can reach up to 9 feet in length.
  • Legs vary by table, choose a table with legs that fit your sense of style.

Can the surface of a pool table be replaced if ripped or broken? 

The felt or wool surface will see the most wear and are prone to rips or tears. The slate underneath may also crack, though generally only on older tables or if something is dropped on it. Both are replaceable.

  • Felt and wool covers are fairly easy to obtain and replace - just ensure you have the correct size.
  • The slate top is replaceable; however it can weigh in excess of 1000 lbs, which should be taken into account. It also must be the correct size as it cannot be easily trimmed or shaped.

 What pool and billiards accessories are common?

There are many accessories to choose from, from essentials for a billiards match, to kid-friendly items, and more.

  • A set of billiards balls is a must have, along with at least 1 cue stick to strike them.
  • Ball racks make setup easier, and bridges for your cue sticks allow more shots.
  • Rubber rail or bumper accessories help avoid table damage when playing with kids.
  • Contemporary tables often have other accessory tables that can fit on top of the pool table for games like ping pong or air hockey.