A Quick Guide to Bicycle Wheels and Wheelsets

Whether you're building a bicycle or the wheels on your bike are worn out, you can be confident that there are new and pre-owned wheels and wheelsets to suit your needs available on eBay. You can buy inexpensive, quality wheels for many different types of bikes, ranging from BMX to cyclocross bicycles to touring bikes to mountain bikes. There are several types of tires available with these wheels too, including tubeless and tubular tires, so you can set up your bike just the way you like it.

What types of tires come with these wheels?

Several tire types can come with these wheels, each of which operates differently:

  • Tubeless: These make use of continuous ribs that are molded into the bead of the tire so that they are forced by the air pressure inside to seal with the metal rim of the wheel.
  • Tubular: These include an inner tube that is stitched under the main portion of the tire in order to achieve a lighter tire. When combined with a wheel, they are glued into place.
  • Clincher: These make use of a Kevlar fiber bead or steel wire in order to interlock with components in the rim of the tire. The inclusion of an inner tube inside the rim ensures that this type of tire remains locked to the wheel.
Do you need to consider the brakes of the bicycle?

Yes. When shopping for new wheels on eBay, you should be aware of which brakes are on your bike. There are several different types of brakes installed on road bikes, and the wheels or wheelset you choose must be compatible with the brake type on your model.

What are the different types of bicycle wheels?

There are several different types of wheels available for you to select from, each of which is used in specific situations and for different parts of your road bike. You can find an affordable bicycle wheel or wheelset to fit just about any type of bicycle you've got. Whether you're looking for wheels for a cyclocross bike, hybrid/comfort bike, mountain bike, racing or touring road bike, track bike, or another type, you can find the wheels that you need on eBay.

  • Disc wheel: These are unique wheels that are solid and fully covered, providing you with improved airflow towards the rear of the bike and reducing the amount of drag that you experience. These models are typically used in cycling events such as the races at the Olympics.
  • Front wheel: These are designed specifically to be installed on the front of your bike.
  • Rear wheel: These attach to the back of the bike and can come in a wide variety of different sizes.
  • Set: These are sets of two wheels, including a front and rear one. They can be used in situations where you're building a bicycle yourself or need to replace wheelsets that have become worn down.

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