Choose Bike Inner Tubes for Comfortable Rides

Bicycle inner tubes are separate inflatable tubes inside pneumatic tyres that act as air-cushions. When inflated beneath tyres, they provide a comfortable, safe ride. eBay has a range of bike inner tubes in different sizes and materials.

What materials are used to make cycle inner tubes?

Most inner tubes are made of butyl rubber. Butyl tube is black and repairable with a kit if it gets a puncture. Some bicycle inner tubes are made of latex. Latex bicycle inner tubes are light and flexible. A latex bike inner tube adapts swiftly to the tyre changing shape while you are cornering and on impacts. Cycle inner tubes made of latex have thin walls and lower resistance, which makes them faster.

Types of bike inner tube valves

Most bikes have wheels that use Sclaverand valved (Presta valved) tubes. Presta valves are narrow and come with a screw at the valve tip. Some cycle inner tubes have Schrader valves. These valves are often used on lower pressure tyres.

Are there maintenance requirements for a bike inner tube care?

Yes. After riding a route with substantial debris, inspect your bicycle tires for embedded rock shards, glass, or other sharp objects. Although these embedded items won't cause an immediate flat, they can slowly work their way through your tyre and cause a puncture. Use a small tool or your fingernail to remove them. Always ride with the proper tyre pressure. Over-inflation can cause flats or blow out your inner tube. Under-inflation, on the other hand, can result in problems with pinch flats.

Bicycle inner tube sizes

Before you choose a bicycle inner tube, there are some few things that you should know to help you select the right bike inner tube. These include:

  • If you are looking for a mountain bike inner tube, you should know that mountain bike tyres range between 1 and 28 inches. This means that a 28-inch wheeled mountain bike will need bike inner tube 28.
  • Although inner tube size for 700 x 28c will fit most bikes, there are other inner tube bike sizes available. Some gravel bikes use 27.5-inch wheels, while hybrid and city bikes come with 26-inch wheels.
  • Most bike inner tube 28 can fit tyres up to 25 millimetres, often fitted to road bikes. However, there are wider bicycle inner tubes designed to fit 28-millimetres tyres that some bikes have. Gravel and cyclocross, as well as some hybrid and city bikes with 28-inch wheels, can come with even wider tyres. This means they will need a wider bike inner tube.