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Improve Road Safety With Bicycle Mirrors

Cycle mirrors are a safety enhancement that allows you to check what is behind without turning around. They help to keep cyclists out of harm's way. eBay offers a variety of bicycle mirrors to fit your cycling needs.

What materials are used to make bicycle mirrors?

Most cycle mirrors available are made of plastic. Resin and plastic are used to make lenses on most bike mirrors. Carbon fibre, glass, and other resistant materials are also used. Eyewear and helmet mirrors can come with a rod made of steel.

How to adjust bike mirrors

When riding a bicycle, your vision is crucial to your defence. Make sure the bicycle mirrors can move freely, but not so loose that wind can move them. Sit on your bicycle, then put it in an upright position. Point the front wheel of your bike straight ahead. If you are using a handlebar mirror, adjust your pair of bicycle mirrors so that you can only view your elbows and shoulders. With all types of bike mirrors, make sure you can see the road behind you as well as the right and left side of the road.

What are the different shapes of bicycle mirrors?

You can choose between rectangular, oval, and round cycle mirrors. Round mirrors have small dimensions and are lightweight, while rectangular mirrors are the largest. Oval mirrors are bigger than round mirrors and allow you to see the road from various positions.

Different types of cycle mirrors

There are different types of cycle mirrors offered on eBay. They include:

  • Helmet mirror: A bike mirror designed to fit on your bicycle helmet. The mirror comes with a long rod to keep it in front of your eyes while you are pedalling. You can mount a helmet mirror with either straps, glue, or clamp.
  • Eyewear mirror: Designed to attach to the eyewear, an eyewear mirror functions just like a helmet mirror and has a similar structure. The only difference is that an eyewear mirror mounts on either cycling sunglasses or eyeglasses through a three-tooth comb.
  • Handlebar mirror: A bicycle mirror that can fit on the end of a bicycle handlebar. There are several attachment methods: Some come with swing-away hinges, while others replace the end-plug of the bike bars.
  • Bicycle wrist mirror: A bike mirror that can be attached to your arm with a strap and used as a rear-view mirror when cycling. You can adjust the mirror height and rotate the mirror around your wrist.