Finding the Right Bicycle Bag and Pannier Racks

When you’re a cyclist, you might want to use your bike to ride to work or to take longer trips. When that’s the case, a bicycle pannier rack or bag is a must. These units enable you to carry everything from laptop bags to camping gear, so you can tackle trips of varying lengths.

Things to consider when buying a bike pannier rack

Some of the factors to consider when you’re looking at a new or used bike pannier rack are:

  • Weight rating: This refers to the amount of weight the rack can support, both in terms of the rack itself and the mount with the bike. If you’re planning long trips, look for a rack with a higher weight rating. Be sure to check your bike’s manual to see how much weight it’s designed to carry.
  • Bike type: Some racks are designed for specific kinds of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and folding bikes. Check compatibility before buying on eBay.
  • Position: This refers to the mounting position on your bike. A pannier carrier can either be mounted above your front or rear tire.
  • Mount type: The mount you choose depends on your bike frame. Many racks bolt directly onto the frame. If your bike isn’t made with the eyelets that accept the mount, you’ll need to choose a rack that comes with C clips that fasten to your seat post.
Are there different types of bike bags available on eBay?

Some of the affordable bike bags you can buy on eBay are:

  • Panniers: Panniers are bags that drape on either side of your pannier rack. They’re usually sold in sets of two that are connected by a piece of fabric. These bags are often made from durable waterproof materials.
  • Saddle bag: A saddle bag fits under the saddle and is usually designed to carry small supplies. You can also buy larger bags that extend back from the seat. Usually, they require you to install a bike saddle bag rack for support.
  • Frame bags: These bags attach to your bike’s frame, usually on the top tube. They’re medium-sized and intended for items that you need to keep close at hand, such as snacks or repair supplies.
Brands that make bike pannier racks and bags

Brands that make bike pannier racks and bags include:

  • Topeak: This brand makes racks and bags for a wide range of bike types, including road, touring, mountain, and even fat tire bikes.
  • Tortec: Tortec specialises in heavy-duty racks and bags that are designed to take the stress out of frequent riding.
  • RockBros: Run by a team of cyclists, this company makes racks and bikes that are both affordable and durable.