Bicycle Baskets

In order to carry items around with you when riding a bike, you'll need a basket that can carry your belongings, leaving you free to ride unencumbered. Whether you're transporting everyday items like groceries or something bigger and bulkier, baskets can help you distribute the load evenly.

Typically a bicycle basket will be fitted to the front of your bike in the space between the handlebars. There are several other styles that can be mounted to the back of your bike, on top of the wheel frame, sitting flat or dangling on either side.

Different materials are available, ensuring that you can find a bicycle basket suited to your bike.

Wicker Bicycle Baskets

Wicker baskets are the most common style and are typically attached to the front of the bike by leather straps. Traditionally, wicker baskets are made by weaving pliable woods such as rattan or willow, however, you can also find plastic and synthetic styles designed to closely resemble wicker. Wicker baskets tend to be lighter, letting you carry more in your basket before feeling weighed down. Choose from a wide range of natural brown and beige colors.

Metal Bicycle Baskets

No matter what shape you choose for your metal basket, each option will be made from rust-proof and weather-proof steel wire. Opt for foldable versions that can be collapsed when not in use, or a fixed shape. Choose from brands such as Basil, Oxford and CicloSport in colors ranging from black and silver to pink, allowing you to add a touch of style to your bike.

Fabric Bicycle Baskets

Fabric baskets tend to be made from canvas and other waxed materials that repel water. You can choose collapsible of fixed styles that contain multiple zips and pockets, making them ideal if you're transporting several smaller items.