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Tips for Buying Bible Antiquarian Collectible Books On eBay

The Bible is a sacred text for millions of people. It's surprising, then, that it can be difficult to find versions of the book that are as collectible as they are functional. eBay's myriads of authentic, collectible Bibles resolve this issue by providing you with a fun and unique way to celebrate your faith.

The different types of antique bibles available

All these Bibles differ from traditional versions of the text in some form. Some are geared more towards collectors while others are for those looking for a traditional Bible with a more unique aesthetic than one you might find in a convenience store. Here are the differences between the offerings you can expect to find through eBay's listings:

  • Reproduction Bibles: These are Bibles crafted to mimic the aesthetic of vintage books.
  • Authentic Bibles: Genuine Bibles that are potentially centuries old. Listings will include the estimated time of their creation within their description or title.
  • Miniature Bibles: Reproduction Bibles with an added emphasis on a compact form factor.
  • Mint Collectibles: These are authentic Bibles that have minimal wear and tear. The details of a given antique Bible's condition will be within the product listing.
Features of these antique Bibles

These Bibles have numerous unique features and benefits for you to enjoy. Here are some of the standouts:

  • Authentic Illustrations: Many of eBay's selections include professionally drawn depictions of the most famous scenes featured within the texts. These illustrations can be within the body of the text, on the cover, or both. Some offerings feature elaborate designs made from physical materials in the place of a traditional drawing.
  • Premium Leather Bindings: These Bibles include premium, real-leather bindings. Real leather adds quality, value, and durability to these Bibles.
  • Classic Scriptures: Many of these Bibles are authentic collectibles. As such, the text within will be straight from the time period of their inception. This allows you to understand the origins and development of your faith on a personal level.
  • Highly Collectible: Because of the centuries of history attached to many of these Bibles, they are extremely collectible. In theory, their value will only increase as time moves forward and similar items become more scarce.
What are the differences between bibles?

The Bible doesn't refer to a single scripture. Many religions call their sacred text the Bible. eBay's selection of collectible books reflects this diversity by representing an abundance of religions. Some of the older offerings reflect versions of contemporary religion held by ancient civilizations, like the Greeks. Below are some of the more prominent examples:

  • The New Testament
  • The Old Testament
  • Victorian Era Catholicism
  • Hebrew-English Translations
  • Jerusalem Bibles
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