Benelli Firearms and Accessories 

If you have an interest in guns and tactical equipment, take the time to familiarize yourself with one of Italy's firearm manufacturers, Benelli Armi SPA. Since it was established in 1967 (following a separation from Benelli Motorcycles and merger with Beretta Holding), the company has stayed true to its mission of designing and manufacturing high-quality firearms. Today, Benelli rifles and shotguns are for civilian use, but also for members of the military and law enforcement officers. Benelli shotguns first exploded in popularity after Bruno Civolani, a Benelli firearm designer, developed the inertia driven mechanism. This new shotgun action dramatically improved the reliability and cycling speed of Benelli semi-auto shotguns. 

What are the Advantages of Benelli's Inertia Driven Mechanism? 

Although there are several different mechanisms that appear in commercial and military-grade shotguns, Benelli's inertia-driven mechanism offers the following standout advantages:

  • Ultra-Reliability: Because of the reduction in moving parts, Benelli shotguns do not need adjusting to compensate for light field loads or an overweight forend. This means that Benelli guns will cycle consistently as long as a round is in the chamber.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Burnt powder, smoke, and gas residue confine to the barrel of the gun, ensuring that cleaning and maintenance procedures are quick and simple. 
  • Robust: The three main components of the inertia driven mechanism (inertia spring, bolt body, a rotating bolt head) tightly secure with steel-to-steel bolt head locks and rotating bolt head locking lugs. 

Why do I Need a Benelli Semi-Automatic Shotgun?

Benelli's most popular guns continue to be semi-automatic shotguns like the Super Black Eagle II and M4 Super 90. These guns can be for recreational shooting, home defense, and rural security. Here are some of the advantages of Benelli semi-automatic shotguns in comparison with competing brands:

  • AirTouch Technology: Benelli's semi-auto shotguns use AirTouch technology, a system that makes use of dimpled stock and forend molds, so you can maintain a sturdy and comfortable grip on your shotgun in all situations and environments.
  • ComforTech: Benelli shotguns have supportive gel cushions to reduce the recoil impact of the firearm. This reduces recoil itself by up to 48 percent because of the computer-aided recoil pad fixtures. 
  • Crio System: Benelli firearms use cryogenic treatments on the gun barrel, thereby minimizing inner barrel resistance and reducing any residual hammer forging stress. 

What Accessories and Equipment Should I Purchase Alongside My Shotgun? 

The intended application of your firearms will heavily influence your choice of Benelli accessories and equipment. Here are some of the most useful pieces of equipment to pair with your shotgun: 

  • Gun Case: Benelli gun cases (both hard and soft) have linings with durable protective padding and their designs are for safely storing your shotgun while traveling or hunting.
  • Gun Attachments: Benelli shotgun attachments range from scope mounts to magazine extensions. The modular design of these shotguns will ensure that you can configure your weapon for dozens of different scenarios.
  • Camouflage and Tactical Gear: Benelli vests, pants, hats and jackets combine environment-specific patterning with lightweight ventilated outerwear to create versatile tactical outfits. Make use of storage pockets and harnesses to store your shotgun cartridges and gun attachments.