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Bell and Howell 8mm Movie Projectors

Bell and Howell, having been founded in 1907, specializes in the production of motion picture machinery. First developed by Kodak, Bell and Howell's 8mm movie projector was a top selling item in its prime. These vintage projectors served as a main source of at home entertainment for families prior to VHS recorders, and allowed any individual with a video camera to be a director.

How do you decide what to look for in a projector?

Before shopping for a Bell and Howell 8mm projector, you first need to determine what you will be using it for. Desired uses of projectors vary from person to person and range from film reel transfers to sharing old movies with loved ones. The features you need to look for can be quite different depending on how you plan to use your projector.

What are components of a Bell and Howell 8mm projector?

Because Bell and Howell film projectors have been around long enough to be considered vintage, their components are relatively simple:

  • Light source: The light source allows the reel of film frames to project through the lens by illuminating them with a lamp. The bulb used in the lamp will determine the longevity and light output.
  • Spool assembly: The spool assembly helps the film advance through the gate where the image is projected onto the frame by the lamp and through the lens.
  • Lens: The lens assembly is made up of the gate, the lens and the shutter. The imagery focuses through the lens and projects onto the screen.
  • Projection screen: Reflective materials in the screen, such as aluminum, help to further illuminate the image projected by the bulb.
What is the difference between Standard 8 and Super 8?

Standard 8 (8mm): The success of Standard 8 film in the 8mm projector can be attributed to its cost, which is lower than that of 16mm film. Because it was specifically marketed for home movie projectors, its low cost also meant an average film quality for the now vintage projector.

Super 8: Although Super 8 film has the same cross-sectional dimensions of an 8mm film reel, the perforation holes in Super 8 film are smaller, allowing for a taller and wider frame and a more vivid picture from the slide. Super 8 also incorporates a magnetic strip that allows the user to record sound onto the film itself.

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